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If you are interested in scuba diving, you have come to the right place. At, we are among the industry’s top rated schools for scuba classes in our NJ scuba diving school and we are among the best when it comes to scuba diving certification in NJ. Regardless of whether you are an experienced diver or just learning to dive, we can help you.

scuba diving certification in NJ, scuba classes in New Jersey scuba diving school, New Jersey Scuba Diving Certification If you are new to the sport, we offer a wide variety of specialized scuba classes in our NJ scuba diving school that can open your eyes to the awe inspiring beauty and marvels of the under-sea world. We are fully certified and dedicated to ensuring that your scuba experience is safe, friendly, and enjoyable.

With over 40 years of combined experience, our instructors are committed to teaching students about all aspects of scuba diving in NJ. If you are interested in exploring the fascinating and beautiful world of scuba diving, contact Scuba Guru today.

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New Jersey Scuba Diving Certification

New Jersey Scuba Diving Certification, scuba diving certification in NJ, Scuba Classes in NJ Scuba Diving School, New Jersey Scuba Diving As authorized PADI Instructors, we offer over 35 different types of New Jersey scuba diving certifications. From the most basic beginner courses to the most advanced scuba techniques, we cover them all.

Our most popular scuba diving certification in NJ is the PADI Open Water Certification. This course is especially important if you want to try scuba diving while you are on vacation. Why? Because most resort areas will require you to get certified before going on a dive. And you don’t want to waste your vacation taking diving lessons… You want to get right into the water to enjoy all of the undersea wonders that the ocean has to offer. Our scuba diving certification in NJ will qualify you to dive without having to take lessons at your resort destination.

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Professional And Personal Attention

scuba diving certification in NJ, New Jersey Scuba Diving At, we pride ourselves on providing professional and personalized attention to every student. Many schools that provide New Jersey scuba lessons try to maximize the number of students in each class in order to maximize their profits. And larger classes mean that they spend less time with each individual student.

But at, that is not our way. We keep our class sizes small in order to ensure that every student gets the personal attention they need to be safe in the water. We specialize in providing one-on-one, private, and semi-private scuba instruction. And, we will gladly schedule your New Jersey scuba lessons to fit into your busy schedule.

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NJ Scuba Lessons

Taking NJ scuba lessons with will ensure that you receive the highest quality instruction available. Our experienced, friendly instructors will make certain that you are proficient in the sport and have all the tools necessary to dive safely and enjoy the beautiful under-sea world of scuba diving.

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