Dutch Springs, PA

Scuba Guru Classes at Dutch Springs, PA

Dutch Springs, PA

Scuba Guru classes and training will occur primarily in Dutch Springs, PA. The first step to completely enjoying all the wonders and excitement that the underwater world has to offer is to become scuba certified. Realistic open water diving instruction takes place at the beautiful Dutch Springs scuba water park in Bethlehem, PA

For those not familiar, here are some facts to help you know more about Dutch Springs:

  1. Dutch Springs is located in the Lehigh Valley at the northern side of Bethlehem in Pennsylvania. It is a 100 feet deep spring-fed lake that spans about 50 acres. Dutch Springs began as a quarry site in the 1930s, now it is a recreational haven for divers and non-divers alike; thanks to its numerous attractions and activities found both underwater and above ground.
  2. Dutch Springs offer great visibility during dives. The water that fills the lake comes from an aquifer underground and is filtered by limestone providing it with excellent clarity.
  3. Quasi-Caribbean (“quaribbean”) Diving at its Finest. During the summer, the surface temperature at the lake is at the 70s (0F) and there are a lot of dive sites that you can enjoy at this temperature even while going down to 20 or 30 feet. Dutch Springs also has a teeming marine life. Examples of what you might encounter during your dives include a wide variety fishes including koi, blue gills, large mouth bass, yellow perch, and the likes. There are also mollusks, mussels, and a whole lot more. A great dive site I personally recommend is the island at the center of Dutch Springs. To add to its appeal, a Cessna aircraft is submerged 30 feet into the water–a perfect place to practice your diving skills. Another attraction is the upper structure of the pump house. This is where the koi fishes abound. The structure is looks like an oil rig from the Gulf of Mexico. Other interesting sites will be shown to you in the course of your training.
  4. Theme tours. When I’m not busy teaching a class, I can always take people to go diving and do underwater sight-seeing. Depending on my students’ preference, I can create dives which can show them all the aircrafts in one go, or take them to all the attractions that the lake has to offer.
  5. Dutch Springs is a great place to keep in shape and perfect your craft. When you go scuba diving, you always need to bring your A-game. Like with everything else, if you want to be good at something, you need to practice hard. And when it comes to scuba training, Dutch Springs offers to be one of the best places to go to.
  6. Dutch Springs is home to a number of world-class divers at any given time. Be there during a sponsored event or a product launch and you just might find yourself rubbing elbows with some of the “Who’s Who” in the SCUBA diving world.
  7. Dutch Springs not only has attractions under water, they also offer a load of activities above ground. Check out their water parks and other activities such as the sky challenge and be ready for a fun-filled day.
  8. Dutch Springs also has a “confined-water” area. This is where scuba instructors take their students to simulate open water dives and run classes that need a “pool-like” environment.
  9. Dutch Springs scuba facilities also has a host of dive instructors, divemasters and EMTs that are ready to respond to emergencies.

All in all, Dutch Springs is one of the best and professionally-managed diving facilities that I have ever been into. It offers fun, recreation and adventure in a single package. Visit Dutch Springs now and start experiencing it for yourself.