5 Reasons Red Sea Scuba Diving Should Be on Your Radar

5 Reasons Red Sea Scuba Diving Should Be on Your Radar
10 Oct 2018

5 Reasons Red Sea Scuba Diving Should Be on Your Radar

Are you looking for a new scuba adventure? Then you need to check out Red Sea scuba diving. The Red Sea is a part of the Great Rift Valley, bordering countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia. It’s a deep sea with a depth of 2,211 meters, although most of it is shallow waters. The shallow depths and warm waters make it a great scuba diving destination.

If you love scuba diving in beautiful waters with animals and treasures, the Red Sea needs to be at the top of your list.

Still not sure? Here are five reasons Red Sea scuba diving is your dream activity.

See Stunning Reefs While Red Sea Scuba Diving

At a time when most other coral reefs are suffering, the Red Sea reefs are still thriving. These reefs that house both soft and hard coral support 1,100 species of marine wildlife. One of the most famous reefs to explore is the Ras Mohammed National Park. It is Egypt’s oldest park right off the tip of the Sinai Penisula. The park is home to a 480-square km area of corals and marine life.

Encounter Amazing Marine Life

If you’re a shark enthusiast, then you’re in luck. Red Sea scuba diving gets you up, close and personal with hammerhead sharks. The hammerhead shark hangs out in the Red Sea during the winter months because the water is cooler. You also have the chance to see whale sharks that feed on the plankton blooms in the early summer. You can also go diving with white-tip sharks. But be careful! Only go with a professional, since white-tip sharks are rather unpredictable.

Explore Historic Sites

Red Sea scuba diving is a gold mine for history buffs. The Red Sea is right smack-dab in the middle of the northern part of Africa and the Middle East. That means it’s the site of many famous events and trade routes. Because it was so widely used in history, you have the opportunity to explore amazing wrecks. The best ones are near Hurghada, a famous resort town next to the Shaab Abu Nuhas Reef. You can see an 1869 sunken merchant ship or a cargo vessel from 1983.

Great Diving Conditions

One of the reasons the Red Sea is great for beginning divers is the wonderful conditions. Water temperatures stay pretty mild and rarely drop below 71 degrees Fahrenheit. The waters also have great visibility, so you can take as many amazing underwater photos as you want.

An Affordable Adventure

Red Sea dives are affordable compared to other dives. Because of safety issues, Egypt’s tourism industry is suffering. That’s why you can find some amazing dives with great instructors for a fraction of the normal price. The diving spots in Egypt are still considered safe by US travel standards. So if it’s your first time diving, take advantage of the chance to work with a professional. They’ll be able to give you tips and look out for dangers, like decompression sickness.

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