The Best Places To Go Scuba Diving in NJ?

The Best Places To Go Scuba Diving in NJ?
9 May 2022

The Best Places To Go Scuba Diving in NJ?

Looking For The Best Places To Go Scuba Diving in NJ?

Are you doing a search for scuba diving NJ? Or are you looking to do scuba diving in NJ? It may come as a surprise to many that the earth is made of mostly water. With over 71% of the earth covered in oceans, seas, and lakes, there is so much to explore underneath! And New Jersey has some of the best scuba diving in the US.

Whether you’re new to the sport or you want to broaden your dive experience, New Jersey has something to get you excited. Continue reading for some of the best places to go scuba diving in NJ.

USN Algol Navy Transport Ship

After a long and successful career in WWII, the Navy transport ship was sunk off the coast of Point Pleasant in 1991. The ship is part of the state’s Artificial Reef Program to help promote new ecosystems for fish. As such, the USN Algol is one of the best places to go scuba diving in NJ.

This is a wreck dive for those ready to take their experience to the next level, the dive ranges from 70-150 feet in depth, considering it a deep dive at the top of its mast. Having the right scuba diving gear is a must; for these cold waters, consider packing a 7mm wetsuit and neoprene gloves.

R.P. Resor Oil Tanker

Another one of New Jersey’s premier shipwreck dives, the R.P Resor has a tragic history. The oil tanker was torpedoed by a German submarine. The crew perished and the tanker burned for several days before sinking just east of Barnegat Inlet.

While divers of all levels can experience this dive, the hull of the ship lies at 125 feet. As one of the largest surviving pieces, the stern is the most visited area. Expect to see large latticework and piles of rubble across this expansive scuba diving trip.

The Delaware River Water Gap

While the Garden State is well-known for its deep, shipwreck dives, that’s not all there is to see. Consider exploring the Delaware River Water Gap, a shallow river dive that allows you to explore the aftermath of a derailed train. You’ll find an old train car filled with authentic, glass beer bottles.

While this scuba diving NJ experience only sits at about 14 feet deep, divers should consider some other factors. With the current flowing rapidly, you’ll want to stay closer to the shore where you won’t get washed downstream. It can get dark, especially in the cart, so you’ll also want to bring a couple of flashlights.

Horseshoe Cove at Sandy Hook

This dive is part of the Gateway National Recreation Area and is well known for its abundance of sea treasure! In the late 1800s, abandoned vessels were crushed in a massive blizzard. With nowhere to go, their rubble sits shallow for the discovery of others.

This is a scuba diving trip best for those just getting into the sport. At a max depth of 20 feet, new divers can explore the bottom for old remains. Friendly harbor seals also frequent this dive site.

Best Places to Go Scuba Diving in NJ

With some of the best places to go scuba diving, it’s no surprise that people want to get involved in New Jersey. If you’re interested in trying out scuba diving for the first time or you want to experience some of these advanced dives, check out our list of courses.