Scuba Dive in NJ: Wrecks, Marine Life & Spearfishing! Tips to Start

It’s common to hear people say, “I can’t afford scuba diving because I can’t afford to go to the Caribbean.” And while the Caribbean is a wonderful place to scuba dive and see some beautiful fish, it’s not the only place you can scuba. If you live in NJ and already have scuba training, it’s completely feasible to dive right off our coast. It just takes a little bit more skill to do scuba diving in NJ than usual. This is due to our colder and murkier waters. But the things you get to see in the Atlantic are so awesome that you really do want to get the training. It’s more than worth the extra time.

What Lies Below The Surface Off Jersey’s Coast?

You’re probably wondering exactly why you should be interested in diving off the coast of NJ. You’re probably thinking It’s got to be cold and hard to see anything in those waters. And you would be right. The water is colder here than tropical waters. And the tides kick up the silt. But there are amazing things to see.


If you stand on any beach along the Jersey shoreline, you’re standing within a mile of one wreck or another. There are an estimated 2,500-7,500 wrecks off the Jersey shoreline. And nobody has a definitive count as to how many ships might be wrecked out there.If you love history, you will love wreck diving.Some of the most deadly wrecks happened off our shores. One of the most deadly was The Powhatan. Originally a packing ship in the early 19th century, it wrecked with 365 German and other European immigrants aboard. It sank off Long Beach Island. Divers have found a myriad of treasures off our coast. Mysterious coal trains and other oddities can be found out there. Advanced scuba diving in NJ with Scuba Guru will give you the skills necessary to find these wrecks.

Marine Life

You may not realize it, but the NJ shore is teaming with marine life. You will find some species you just can’t find anywhere else in the world. Fish like the Black Sea Bass swim in massive schools in the sea around NJ. And you will enjoy the sight of the frilled anemones attached to various surfaces around here.There are thousands of species of marine life to be discovered out here.


And if it’s legal to catch, you can take it home and eat it. So, spear fishing is pretty popular. If you do more advanced scuba diving in NJ, you can take up the sport of spearfishing. It’s more akin to hunting than your traditional fishing with a pole and a line. You need a speargun or a set of pole spears. Spearfishing is a solo activity. So you really do need to be well trained to take up the sport. It will require that you ditch the buddy system that we teach beginning and intermediate divers. And you will have to be an extremely self-sufficient diver before you head out. So, what scuba diving in NJ should you do before you head out? Here are our four best tips.

1. Do PADI AOW Scuba Diving In NJ

You don’t have to be advanced to take an Advanced Open Water scuba diving training course.The course is meant to take a certified diver and expand their skill set. You will become a better diver, build your confidence in open water, and gain new skills. Your dive guides will be more willing to take you out to more technical dive locations if you have AOW certification. In this course, you get to practice your search and recovery skills. You will dive deeper than before and opt in for some night dives.

2. Get The Right Wetsuit

If you are already certified in scuba diving, you probably have some pretty decent gear. But scuba diving in NJ might require some heavier gear than most dive locations. The waters here in NJ are a bit colder than a lot of other more popular dive locations. Our temps go down to 35-40 in the winter and sometimes are only 60 degrees during colder summers. So, you will need a thicker wet suit and, if you are diving in the winter, you might need a dry suit.

3. Take A Wreck Diving Course

Scuba diving in NJ for wreck dives is a little different than a regular dive course. There are different things to think about in a wreck dive than most dives. In a wreck diving course, you learn how to effectively and safely explore a wreck. You will learn how to avoid the most common mistakes wreck divers make. Also, you will learn how to research wrecks and learn about the best ways to approach a new (to you) wreck.You will also learn to plan wreck dives so that you are fully prepared every time.

4. Don’t Get Lost, Take An Underwater Navigation Course

If you’re working toward master scuba diving in NJ, this course will count toward that. If you want to be a master scuba diver, you have to know how to navigate underwater. The PADI Underwater Navigator Course is perfect for the murky waters you’ll be swimming while scuba diving in NJ.You will learn how to read natural cues in the underwater environment. Since distances are harder to estimate underwater, you will learn how to estimate how far away something is in the water. You will learn how compasses work on dives and use the Nav-Finder to follow various navigation patterns. This will be the scuba diving in NJ that makes you the leader every time you go out on a dive with friends.

Scuba Diving In NJ At Scuba Guru Will Cater To Your Needs

Even if you’ve never been scuba diving before, there’s never a better day to start your training than today. Scuba Guru offers training from beginner Certified Open Water Diver courses to professional PADI Divemaster and assistant instructor courses. Contact us today for custom scuba instruction.

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Jennifer Eliassen

a year ago
5 stars – The ScubaGuru team has been awesome to work with throughout the entire process. My husband and I were working with a short time frame to get the confined water session pool and academics done before our trip and we accomplished just that. With a small student to instructor ratio we were able to get a more intimate learning experience and feel very comfortable getting in the water. They answered all of our questions and concerns and never made us felt rushed. We recommend using ScubaGuru for any and all of your underwater training and experiences!read more

Erik Eliassen

a year ago
5 stars – The ScubaGuru team was fantastic for our confined water class and academics for our PADI open water certification. The class was 4 people with two instructors so there was a ton of 1-1 instruction, which was great. Great experience and highly recommend!! We can’t wait to finish our certification in more

Joshua Daly

a year ago
5 stars – I enjoyed getting my PADI open water certification with the Scuba Guru team. Mike was an excellent instructor and Dutch Springs was a great location to learn initial more

Spectacle TV

a year ago
5 stars – Very Informative. Felt way more comfortable after we did the closed water training. Highly recommend.

Laura Rotundo

a year ago
5 stars – Mike was very accommodating-scheduled a session for us with little advanced time notice, helped with all our questions and picking out our gear, and made the class and training fun! Took our time in the pool session to make sure we were comfortable and answer all of our questions. Ample time for running through all scenarios. Would highly recommend!!read more

Alfred Rotundo

a year ago
5 stars – Scuba team was very accommodating and was able to schedule us with short notice. Learned a lot of crucial skills in the pool with a small group pool session. Made us feel comfortable in the water and was happy to answer any of our more

Kevin Schultz

a year ago
5 stars – What a Guru Team! A truly wonderful experience. Informative, knowledgeable, thorough, and fun! My daughter and I are looking forward to taking what we’ve learned and diving some reefs in the near future! Thanks for preparing us to enjoy our next vacation!read more

Ms Jersey

a year ago
5 stars – I always wanted to learn scuba diving but wasn’t sure how to go about it. I researched many place for scuba diving in NJ, and decided to call Scuba Guru. They helped me every step of the way. I am now a certified scuba diver with a lot of confidence. Thanks to the amazing Scuba Guru team, I can now dive the world. I am able to experience the underwater world and a very excited. Big kudos to the Scuba Guru more

Kristen Rutigliano

a year ago
5 stars – I was nervous about signing up for a scuba diving certification because I wasn’t sure what to expect. So, I researched different places and felt most comfortable with Scuba Guru. From the first minute with the instructor on the phone to my ending open water checkout dives, they were informative, hands-on, professional and helped me overcome my fears and concerns. I am now a certified PADI Open Water Diver . Thanks to the Scuba Guru team I was able to realize a more

Kitty Applegate

a year ago
5 stars – The scuba guru team is great! Nobody else in the area has small classes like this. They focus on safety and make sure that I felt comfortable in the water. And the team took the time to focus on every single skill that I needed to work on. You MUST choose scuba guru for your open water certification!read more

Youda Jin

a year ago
5 stars – I signed up for the PADI open water certification with Scuba Guru. At the beginning I was very apprehensive, but the Scuba Guru team put me at ease. I had a bit of apprehension about being under water. We did the pool session. I had to redo some skills but got through the confined water fine. Then it was time for the open water checkout dives and was a bit anxious about descending to the quarry platform at 25 feet, but surprised myself that I did well. I think it was because of the support that the Scuba Guru staff gave us. Also the really small class size of 4 people made it feel like I was paid attention to. Thanks to the Scuba Guru staff for making my first scuba diving experience a rewarding more

Dan Weinstein

a year ago
5 stars – Just did our open water certification with the Scuba Guru team. They were very informative and the small class setting helped us to be comfortable in the water. It turned out that my wife, was uncomfortable in the pool session and they told us not to worry and she could re-visit the pool session free of charge. That was further reassurrance that we picked the right outfit to learn scuba diving in NJ. Thanks to everyone at the Scuba Guru more

Gena Possanza

a year ago
5 stars – Scuba guru team was great and very attentive to working all skill levels of myself and classmates. Classes were very small 2-4 students and 2-3 instructors, so we always had direction when we were going over the skills underwater and we would continue to do these skills until we perfected them.This is a class I would definitely recommend to others. Thank you Mike Greg and Borisread more

Kaylee Czachorowski

a year ago
5 stars – The Scuba guru team was amazing! I did my advanced with specialties and rescue diver course, all while in high school. They made it fun and exciting and I really learned a lot. I recommend them to everyone. Can’t wait to use my skills in the future!read more

John Driska

a year ago
5 stars – The Scuba Guru Team is top notch. I just spent three straight days with them at Dutch Springs, PA as they took my 15 year old son through the certification process. They are very detailed and have a great teaching approach….patient, fun and share real life experiences. I will be coming back to them soon for my other son’s more

Giulio G

a year ago
5 stars – To the Scuba Guru team thank you. I was a little worried because I had my daughter who was10 years old and you never know what to expect. They really gave her the one to one attention I was hoping and they went over the top to make sure she learned and she was safe learning. I highly recommend this scuba instruction outfitread more


a year ago
5 stars – The SCUBA Guru team has taught me well in my training to be certified. I had a lot of fun and I learned so much from them. They are all great teachers/instructors. Thank you so much for this opportunity!read more

Denise Esakoff

a year ago
5 stars – Mike and the Scuba Guru dive team are fantastic! The class days/times were super convenient. I especially loved the small class sizes and the one on one instruction. All the pool and open water training was highly personalized with the perfect emphasis on safety and comfort in the water balanced with a fun personable team. Great weekend PADI certification experience!read more

Evelyn Lazen

a year ago
5 stars – The scuba guru team does NOT mess around. If you are looking for a thorough understanding of your gear, as well as feeling comfortable under water doing skills without being prompted, this is your man. 4 stars for having to wake up insanely early, and also if you are afraid of diving, this might not be a good pick because the learning environment is very intenseread more

Avtar Batth

a year ago
5 stars – On behalf on my son and I, I’d like to sincerely thank the Scuba Guru team. The experience was exceptional! Michael came every day with highly qualified instructors, enough for a one on one experience, which lead to a very efficient and knowledgeable experience. Following my sons qualification , he feels confident that he has learned and understood the information, all thanks to Michael. I would highly recommend this place for anyone who wishes to get certified in the Central and North Jersey more

Rachel D

a year ago
5 stars – I did the Scuba Guru’s open water diver certification course to get refresher dives in before my vacation. The team was very thorough with their certification and I felt it was safer and much more detailed than my original certification. There were four divemasters to five student divers; I can’t emphasize enough how safe it was. I was very satisfied with the service and my dad, who was getting certified for the first time, felt the exact same way. The team will go over every skill until everyone understands it and makes everyone understands the content 100%. I also had a very fun time and had a great weekend overall, and I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to get scuba certified for the first more

Amit Chhabra

a year ago
5 stars – Got my Open Water Dive certificate from Scuba Guru. Had a really good time. Scuba guru team was very helpful, patient (I struggled in the beginning), and detail oriented. Nothing was done just to check the box but the team goes thru every drill in detail and repeat it until you are comfortable and confident with more

Stephanie Grinis

a year ago
5 stars – The scuba guru team was amazing! Really thorough and patient as they certified my 11 year old for our trip. They were very accommodating and would highly recommend more

Christy Daughterty

a year ago
5 stars – Scuba Guru Team was awesome! A lot of Knowledge that will definitely build on my experience level even as an open diver for 5 years already. I am preparing to deploy and very adaptable to my time schedule and availability. Felt 100% safe the entire time and very concerned with what I as an individual takes away from the course. Will definitely return for all future more

Perpetual Pilgrim

a year ago
5 stars – Scuba guru staff knows what they’re talking about. There’s a lot of attention to detail and a genuine desire for you to learn and know your skills. If you want to learn for real, see scuba guru. You want to learn from someone like people in this staff.Scuba guru is also super reputable – 5 more

Hunter Willie

a year ago
5 stars – The scuba guru team really worked with me to help me get certified. I have Eustachian tube issues and wasn’t able to complete my open water checkout dives as scheduled. Mike worked with me to reschedule. Greg spent the entire weekend going slow at my own pace so I could complete the certification. Had fun diving with this great team!read more

brenda blain

a year ago
5 stars – I took the Open Water certification course this weekend with the Scuba Guru team and they were very supportive and attentive to detail while teaching the students. I had a great time and was able to learn in a comfortable setting. They will go as slow or as fast as you need for learning. Would highly recommendread more

Kristen Frick

a year ago
5 stars – The scuba guru team is amazing! Even though I was very nervous, my instructor Mike was very supportive and helped me through my nerves. I feel confident going to Thailand this summer to scuba dive because of Mike and his team. Thank you!read more

jessica loury

a year ago
5 stars – Truly had an awesome experience from the open water class. The Scuba Guru team made me feel so confident and did a great job at making sure everyone felt good. Deff recommend scuba guru for any diving classes!read more

Jenna Daniel

a year ago
5 stars – I had a great experience with scuba guru. I was very inexperienced with knowledge on diving and getting certified taught me a lot. I’m happy I chose them to get my certification because they made it fun and exciting!read more

Matthew Daniel

a year ago
5 stars – The Scuba Guru team did a great job. The course was very educational and fun at the same time. Very engaging and I now feel comfortable diving in the future! 👌🏻read more

Alexander Ruiz

a year ago
5 stars – Scuba guru definitely makes you feel comfortable in the water, I had a moment of panic and with the teams help I was able to collect myself and now I feel as comfortable as I do on land… Will be doing my advanced dives with scuba guru. You won’t regret choosing the guru teamread more

Rene Clark

a year ago
5 stars – The Scuba Guru team was wonderful in helping me get certified for diving. I had a limited amount of time to get my courses in before a trip to the Philippines and they worked with me to get everything done in plenty of time. They were efficient, professional, and I always felt safe and comfortable in the water! Highly recommend!read more

Scott Bernstein

a year ago
5 stars – The team at Scuba Guru was fantastic! Highly recommend them for any level of scuba training that you’re interested in. Highly informative about all aspects of what to expect from the dive and patient with the students to ensure everyone is comfortable with skills before moving on. Great equipment provided including 7mm wet suits for a cold weekend! Great more

Joseph Bommarito

a year ago
5 stars – The Scuba Guru Team,We had a blast during our Part 1 Open Water Training with you! When searching for scuba open water certification in New Jersey, we searched google for scuba dive instruction and spoke to Mike at Scuba Guru for more information. He was awesome! Very helpful and the guy really knows his stuff! We decided to do Part 1 of our Scuba Open Water Certification with Scuba Guru in preparation for my trip to Palau and Southwest Asia! After I finish our Open Water, we will be back for my advanced diver! Highly recommend!read more

Jeanne Bennett

a year ago
5 stars – The Scuba Guru Team is outstanding. I have a pretty big fear of being underwater from a past accident but also really want to dive. The Scuba Guru Team is patient, safety minded and knows how to help you get your mind in the right place to master all the skills. Plus we got the course done thoroughly and efficiently. Great great team and I am grateful for the support and coaching they provide!read more

Holly Freeman

2 years ago
5 stars – Awesome experience! Mike and his team really know their stuff and make you feel confident that you’ll be prepared to dive! The team provided a lot of tips and tricks to make diving accessible for the widest audience, and I’m confident in approaching my open water certification dives.They were fun, friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend this place to anyone that wants to get more

Kevin Allen

2 years ago
5 stars – The Scuba Guru team made our enclosed diving class a great experience! To the instructors were very informative, knowledgeable and down to earth. The class size was very small so we really got the attention needed and were able to fine tune the skills we learned in the pool. We took this course in hopes to prepare for our open water checkout dives on vacation. I feel I am more than confident and overly prepared to take the next step in diving!Thank you Scuba Guru team!read more

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