Why Scuba Diving In Lake Hydra Scuba Is So Popular

Planning to go scuba diving in Lake Hydra Scuba?

Lake Hydra Scuba is a location one would not expect when they plan on scuba diving. Back in 1935, it was once a functional cement plant and limestone mine. Then, it belonged to the National Portland Cement Company.

Its operations as a quarry soon came to an end due to various circumstances. This included the point when the cement company shut down in the 1970s.

With this interesting turn in its history, what you now have is a location where you can scuba dive. Today, we will look at great reasons why you should scuba dive Lake Hydra Scuba and explore what it has to offer.

Explore a New World Underwater

One of the beautiful things about scuba diving is the chance to explore a new world underwater. What you see on the surface is one aspect of the world that we all know and experience. It changes the moment you don the scuba mask and you go scuba diving.

Once you’re underwater, you witness interesting things. You see a wide range of flora and fauna that you only see underwater. You may liken this to when you go scuba diving in popular island spots.

This is where Lake Hydra Scuba stands out. It offers something rather interesting once you submerge.

Here, you see interesting structures and bits of wreckage. This comes alongside a diverse number of fish and aquatic life. You get to see various species of bass and koi, as well as other species.

Provides a Peaceful Experience

The calm that you experience in scuba diving provides a great means to get rid of stress. It feels peaceful as you descend into the water. Instead of hearing the myriad noise on land, it instead fades away when you go deeper into the water.

While diving, your communication relies on visual signals. You use hand signals to communicate with fellow divers, in case you go with groups. Beginners will learn this type of communication before they get their scuba diving certification.

Diving is so immersive that you would enjoy drifting in the water. You can go to places that you forget what was going on back on land. In case you would like a different take on introspection, scuba diving is an activity that you should try.

Getting to Swim Without Restrictions

You experience a different range of movement when underwater. It can be the closest that you can get to flying, letting you feel a bit weightless with that water surrounding you.

This is a different setup when you compare it to snorkeling, as you can only see what goes on underwater. Scuba diving adds a degree of depth and verticality. You can move in any direction without worrying about constraints.

You also don’t have to worry about running out of air when compared to freediving. While free diving relies on how long you can hold your breath, scuba diving lets you use a tank to keep you going underwater. This lets you stay for longer periods submerged.

Though for this particular setup, you also need the right kind of training. This would be a good time to take some scuba diving lessons.

Discover Interesting Things

You encounter different experiences when scuba diving. Underwater, you may discover wreckage coming from old vessels. If you do this out at sea, you would usually find a shipwreck.

This tends to be rather different when scuba diving Lake Hydra Scuba. You would find interesting discoveries that would make you wonder about their history. Among these would include sunken army trucks, helicopters, a school bus, and much more.

A Good Place to Practice Your Scuba Diving Skills

For scuba divers, this is also a great place to practice before going to the deep. The depth of the lake can reach up to 100 feet at most and can go deeper, depending on the lake water level. Even so, you can practice your skills here.

Rough seas can hinder diving plans, making it rough for scuba divers to push through with their excursions. If you ever cancel a diving trip because of rough weather, Lake Hydra Scuba is a great alternative.

While here, you can practice other skills like buoyancy and even do some practice dives. Though do mind the visibility due to the algal bloom.

Witness A Piece of History Submerged

Noting the history of the wreckage, you would recall how it once was a quarry and a cement plant. What caused the whole site to shut down was due to how the quarry began to fill up with water. For the duration of the quarry’s operational life, they had to keep pumping water out of the quarry.

This went on until the 1970s when National Portland Cement shut down. Due to this, the area ended up filling with water, submerging the whole quarry in the process. This led to a different direction where it soon became a freshwater diving spot.

Because of this, you would notice interesting wrecks in this area. Each of the pieces that you would find here has a unique history behind them. Though if there is one to take note of, it is the old pump house.

The old pump house was one of the structures used to take the water out of the quarry. While in its sunken state, it lends well as a great place to dive and capture stunning underwater pictures.

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Scuba diving Lake Hydra Scuba is a great starting point to practice your skills. It is also an interesting diving spot to explore what it has underwater. When the rough seas impede your diving trip, Lake Hydra Scuba is a great place to visit and explore.

If you happen to be a beginner, consider trying out a scuba diving course today. This can help you get the needed skills to help you explore the depths and take up this wonderful hobby. You can also contact us today if you have any comments and queries that you would like to share.