The 5 Best Shipwreck Diving Locations

The 5 Best Shipwreck Diving Locations
15 Jun 2017

The 5 Best Shipwreck Diving Locations

Are you a scuba diver who wants to take your diving experience to the next level?

If so, shipwreck diving offers all the thrills, excitement, and adventure you could possibly seek.

There are shipwreck sites all over the world, but not all of them offer superior-level diving conditions. Today, we’re taking a look at the top five sites that are sure to deliver.

Ready to get started? Let’s dive in!

1. The SS Thistlegorm: Egypt

In 1941, the SS Thistlegorm, a British Navy transport ship, was struck from the air, sinking it deep into the Egyptian Red Sea.

What makes this dive so interesting are the war supplies the ship carried. Divers can explore trucks, firearms, train carriages, motorcycles and more.

With an expansive an open cargo hold, it’s the ideal spot to explore — and to learn a little bit of history while you’re at it.

2. The Yongala: Australia

While sunken remains are some of the top features of any shipwreck dive, it doesn’t hurt to be surrounded by beautiful and diverse sea life as you peek around.

The Yongala, which sank to its fate off the Queensland coast after a 1911 cyclone, is under the protection of the Historic Shipwrecks Act, meaning divers can’t explore the actual site.

Yet, it’s surrounded by exotic and exciting marine life including tiger sharks, gorgeous coral, manta rays, and more. As such, it often grabs top honors as one of the best shipwreck diving spots in the world.

3. The USS Oriskany: Florida, USA

Nicknamed “The Mighty O,” the USS Oriskany is actually a purpose-sunk ship.

She began her run in the U.S. Armed Forces in 1945 and saw her fair share of maritime conflict. The military decommissioned her in 1976, sinking her off the Florida coast to create a man-made reef at that spot.

Measuring more than 880 feet in length and weighing in at just over a whopping 30,000 tons, the USS Oriskany is impressive primarily because of its enormity.

4. The Zenobia: Cyprus

The Zenobia was designed as a roll-on/roll-off ferry, meaning wheeled cargo could be driven onto and off of it on their way to its destination.

Yet, fate had other plans for this carrier. She sunk on her first voyage, shortly after her launch in 1979.

No lives were lost in the shipwreck. Yet, the more than 120 vehicles transported by the Zenobia sunk along with it, giving divers plenty to explore!

5.Chuuck, Truk Lagoon: Micronesia

No list of the best shipwreck diving spots would be complete without mention of The Truk Lagoon in Micronesia.

Also known as Truk Lagoon, it served as a base for Japanese operations during World War II. It consists of several different island groups, and is encircled by a coral reef, making it an atoll.

After being attacked by a naval air attack from U.S. forces in 1944, it is now home to several major shipwrecks, as well as plane wrecks.

Collectively, the wreckage scattered among the lagoon’s several islands is often referred to as the “Ghost Fleet of Truk Lagoon.”

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