Scuba Diving and Scuba Diving Classes at Willow Springs, PA

Willow Springs Quarry for Scuba Diving

Willow Springs, PA

When you think of scuba diving, you probably think of blue ocean waters, thriving coral, and schools of tropical fish. But did you know that some of the world’s top dive sites are hundreds of miles from the ocean?

Freshwater dive sites like the Cenotes in Mexico and the Silfra fissure in Iceland draw divers from all over the world. Rivers, lakes, quarries, and sinkholes offer a very different dive experience. You’ll spot unique freshwater fish, many submerged structures, and other artificial objects.

Scuba diving at Willow Springs, PA, is one of the most exciting freshwater dive sites in the United States. It’s also the perfect place to get your open water dive certification. Keep reading to learn more about scuba diving in Pennsylvania.

What to Expect When Learning to Dive

If you’ve ever been snorkeling and were enchanted by what you saw from the surface, it might be time to learn to dive. Knowing how to dive allows you to safely explore all kinds of underwater habitats, from coral reefs to shipwrecks. Plus, scuba diving offers incredible physical and mental health benefits.

You’ll start by learning the PADI coursework. This material covers the science of diving and essential safety rules. You’ll learn about the effects of breathing air underwater and how the water’s pressure affects your body.

You’ll learn about the equipment divers wear and how to use it. You’ll get familiar with the gauges that measure your depth and air supply. You’ll also learn how to chart your dive times with a dive table and computer.

After that, you’ll put the equipment on and practice your new skills in the pool.

Once you and your instructor feel you’re ready to advance, you’ll take your skills to the open water for a total of four dives. You’ll earn your open-water dive certification when your instructor is confident that you’ve mastered all the necessary skills and tasks.

You can complete your preliminary coursework in about 10 to 15 hours. Then most new divers finish their pool and open water work over one weekend. After that, you can move on to more advanced dive training or simply enjoy the experiences you’ll have access to with your open water dive certification.

Why Choose Scuba Diving at Willow Springs?

Willow Springs in Richland, PA, is a freshwater quarry that’s been thoroughly evaluated by our dive pros. Once you complete your SDI or PADI coursework and pool training, you can wrap up your open water dive certification with scuba classes at Willow Springs.

Here you’ll put your newly learned skills to the test! While you master tasks like mask clearing and regulator retrieval, you’ll notice some of the aspects of Willow Springs that make it a great dive site.

Good Visibility

Picking up scuba lingo is a fun part of learning to dive. You may have already heard people talking about “viz.” They’re referring to visibility, or how far you can see when you’re underwater.

The visibility at Willow Springs is generally about 10 feet. The time of year, rain runoff, and water temperature affect the visibility. Still, you should be able to see quite well during your first open water dive at Willow Springs.


Willow Springs is teeming with aquatic species, and you’ll probably spot some during your dive. Be on the lookout for trout, bass, walleye, perch, catfish, and eel! Other divers have spotted koi at Willow Springs, a rare treat!

Also, be on the lookout for beavers, herons, and turtles. These animals all make their home at Willow Springs. Maybe you can add one to your list.

Manmade Objects

Some of Willow Springs’ main attractions are the things you’ll find under the surface. Multiple cars and trucks, a bus, a small plane, a train caboose, and a 72-foot-long boat called The Quest lie at various depths, ideal for practicing swim-throughs.

You’ll also find platforms at various depths, perfect for safety stops and working on your buoyancy control. Dive parks like Willow Springs make it even more fun to learn to dive.

Specialty Scuba Courses at Willow Springs

Have you already completed your open water dive certification? Willow Springs is the perfect dive site for advanced courses. The following courses and our other specialty courses count toward your master scuba diver certification.

Wreck Diving

Completing your wreck diver training allows you to explore exciting wrecks all over the world. The sunken ship at Willow Springs is a great way to learn how to plan a wreck dive, identify and mitigate wreck diving risks and complete four wreck dives with your instructor.

Dry Suit Diving

The cool waters at Willow Creek make it a great spot to try diving with a dry suit. Having your dry suit certification allows you to take advantage of cold water diving opportunities across the globe. Learn how a dry suit affects buoyancy and how to adapt your existing skills with a dry suit.

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Precise buoyancy control is one of the most vital skills a diver can have. But there’s a big difference in buoyancy between fresh water and salt water. Learn more about freshwater buoyancy in this course and enhance all your future dives with your new skills.

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