5 Traits to Look for When Buying the Best Scuba Mask in Town

Buying the Best Scuba Mask in Town
23 May 2017

5 Traits to Look for When Buying the Best Scuba Mask in Town

You and your old scuba mask have probably been lots of places together. If it’s worn and torn, it’s time to admit that it’s time for a new one. Shopping for the best scuba mask can be a difficult task, because there are a lot of options on the market today.You want to be sure you buy a mask with the best visibility, one that won’t fog and will stay snug on your face. If your scuba mask has issues that troubleshooting can’t fix, don’t worry. We’ve done all the dirty work for you. We dug through the avalanche of products so that you don’t have to. Here are our top 5 things to look for when purchasing a scuba mask.

Choosing the Best Scuba Mask Lens

There are many types of lenses to choose from when looking for a mask.

  • Single Pane: As the name implies, these come with a single, clear pane across the front of the mask. There’s no plastic between the eyes, so you have more visibility.
  • Double Pane: These masks come with two separate windows, one for each eye. They have lower visibility, but some divers prefer them for a better fit around the eyes.
  • Three Window Mask: Three window masks are a single pane mask with two extra panes on the sides of the mask. This allows for even more visibility than a single pane mask.

The best scuba mask is a three-window mask. It provides the greatest visibility, which is a plus. But, in the end, it’s all up to personal preference.

To Purge or Not to Purge?

Scuba masks come in two different types:

  • No Purge Dive Mask: These masks have no openings. They cover the nose with a complete piece of rubber or flexible plastic.
  • Purge Dive Mask: These masks let trapped water release from the mask when the diver exhales through their nose. It’s a convenient feature to have when you’re deep in the depths and there’s water in your mask.

Check the Seal

The seal is the most important part of a diving mask. You’ll want a good seal when you’re trying to locate lost treasures under the water. The best way to check the seal is to try the mask in person. In that case, you’ll be able to press the mask to your face and see if it’s a good fit. If you can’t get to a store, go with a trusted brand. Choose a company with a good return policy, in case the mask doesn’t work out.

Fit the Strap

Straps also come in two modes: single or double strap. A single strap is generally stronger, though they’re both made of tough rubber or silicone. A double strap lets you place one strap higher on the back of your head, and one lower. This gives a good grip and helps keep the mask snug on your face. Experiment with different masks to know which is the best scuba mask for you.

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