New Jersey Scuba Diving

New Jersey Scuba Diving
1 Oct 2012

New Jersey Scuba Diving

By: Jersey Mike

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New Jersey Scuba Diving

Planning To Scuba Dive

If you have been thinking about planning your scuba diving trip, you are reading the right article as it comprises of all instruction and requirements which are mandatory to ensure successful New Jersey scuba diving.  For those, who are new and intending to go scuba diving for very first time, the trip might seem a bit complex in beginning and various factors make the situation a bit complex for them which involve the wise selection of equipment before the journey. However, you don’t need to get confused as after reading this article as you will find your journey pleasant.

Equipment Considerations

So, let’s talk about the equipment which is essential to start New Jersey scuba diving successfully and confidently.


The very first thing is the safety of your eyes underwater with clear vision. So it is mandatory to consider high quality scuba masks. There is a wide range available of such masks in market so it would be wise to select the best quality and competitively priced mask according to your budget. Low priced masks start from $20 and ranges to $100 which are integrated with communication systems. For starters, it would be great idea to buy moderately priced ones first.

Exposure Protection

Secondly, it is important to consider the diving exposure suit which would keep you safe from scrapes, cuts and keeps you warm to keep you comfortable during your dive.. Special diving suits are integrated with the special thick material which keeps you safe from cold deep water. Price for average diving suit starts at $60 and further the quality varies with price.


Thirdly, one of the most important things is a snorkel which lets you breath swimming the surface of the water and conserving air on your scuba unit. However you can easily purchase it at lowest cost of $20, however, there are many companies which offer a package which also include mask with snorkel.


There is a lot of equipment which is involved to ensure safe New Jersey scuba diving but the most essential part is which allows to descend, rise, float, and hover under water is scuba tank with a regulator and a bcd (buoyancy compensation device) which is integrated with tank, and harness.. However, all of these things can also be acquired in single or sets with varying quality brands and prices.

Dive Computers and Dive Watches

Diving watches are not essential but you can also consider them to note your time of diving. There exist a wide range of watches which are water resistant; the rate varies according to the quality and depth of water where you have to dive. If you are planning deep water diving, you would strongly need to purchase a high quality water resistant watch with the capability to bear the water pressure in depth as well. The price range starts from $50 and fluctuates according to quality.

Dive computers offer essential functions which include time, depth, air supply limits and act as a gauge or can attach to your wrist. The price range of dive computer starts from $160.


To keep your self at best during New Jersey scuba diving, it is essential to consider fins as you would not be able to swim swiftly under water. Fins not only enable you to swim underwater but also utilized whole potential of your leg muscles for swimming. The price of average quality fins starts from $25 and goes up with the increase in quality. It is strongly advised to go buy moderately priced ones .


Last but not least, if you are intending to do New Jersey scuba diving night, it would be essential for you to carry special diving lights which aid to track crevices and cracks. The price for underwater torches start from $30 depends upon your holding style i.e. in hand or attachment to your arm.

These are some mandatory pieces of equipment for New Jersey scuba diving  which you should strongly consider before starting your New Jersey scuba diving. However, you can easily purchase all of things online as there are countless stores which offer competitive quality products online.

To find out more about the New Jersey Scuba Diving, please call 908-379-8220 or fill out the contact form above.