Amazing Ocean Wonders Only Scuba Divers Will Experience

Amazing Ocean Wonders Only Scuba Divers Will Experience
15 Oct 2019

Amazing Ocean Wonders Only Scuba Divers Will Experience

If you decide to start scuba diving today, know that you’re entering into a world of magic. The ocean wonders that await fans of fins are truly spectacular. From exuberant reefs of coral to sunken ships full of pirate booty, there’s no telling what you can uncover on a weekend excursion. Below, we’ve outlined four of our top reasons to explore underwater worlds. From seas of friendly sharks to unsurpassed peace, we know you won’t be disappointed if you decide to make diving a regular part of your life. Let’s take a walk underwater, shall we?

1. Shipwrecks Are Incredible Ocean Wonders

Have you ever dreamed of being a treasure hunter? Perhaps a little pirate booty? Well, one of the many wonders of the water includes the wide array of abandoned shipwrecks. Imagine sailing through hidden chambers. Envision encapsulated moments in time, including hidden hulls and lost trinkets. All around the world, from Micronesia to Sardinia, sunken treasures are waiting to be uncovered.

2. Sharks

Not every shark deserves a scream. Basking sharks, for example, are (relatively) harmless. If find yourself in Scotland, England, or off the coast of Boston, you might be able to sail alongside one. Hammerheads are another cool option. They tend to dominate the waters near the Galapagos. Then, you have whale sharks off the coast of Mexico and nurse sharks in and around Florida. Who knew we could sail alongside these fearsome creatures with such relative calm?

3. Schools of Fish

If you’re not up to the shark task, well, we don’t blame you. How about joining a school of fish for the summer? Wherever you wander, if you happen upon a large school of fish, they won’t be too upset if you decide to enroll. Be sure to make slow and casual strides. Try to join in from the bottom (not the front or the side) and, without question, you will feel as though you’re a world away.

4. See the World a Different Way

We know about 70% of the earth is covered by water. That means, even though we have a packed planet, we’re only seeing about 30% of the world’s majesty. Doesn’t it sound so intuitive to strap on a mask and start exploring? Under the currents, you’ll find a quiet peace that can’t be surpassed anywhere the green grass grows. The pink coral takes on a whole new hue. The tranquil blue waters are brighter than sapphires. The fast fins that sweep past you won’t judge you; you’ll be glad you were able to see the world in such a different light.

Explore Ocean Wonders Today

Doesn’t it seem impossible to avoid ocean wonders like this? How could you pass up unsurpassed peace and quiet when there’s so much to explore? Why not enroll in one of our classes today to become certified? What’s holding you back from unlocking treasures untold? If you live in the New Jersey area, we’d love to be your guides into this Heavenly oasis. Give us a call today at 908-379-8220 to start flipping into fantasy lands. Whenever you’re ready, know you’re stepping into uncharted worlds full of wonder. We can’t wait to meet and start teaching you.

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