Why You Should Take the Plunge and Get Your Scuba Diving Certification

scuba diving certification
20 Dec 2015

Why You Should Take the Plunge and Get Your Scuba Diving Certification

You may envy those people who seem more at home in the water than on land. Or maybe you’re the type that’s been swimming since before you can remember. Either way, you might find yourself fascinated by the prospect of spending time under the waves looking at marine life by taking up the quiet and relaxing pastime of scuba diving.

Seventy percent of our planet’s surface is covered in water, so even though humans aren’t designed to survive under water, it’s only natural that you’d be curious about the aquatic world. Plus, you only have to look at the underwater photos and videos family members and friends bring back from their tropical vacations to see the fun you could have with a scuba diving certification.

If the thought of submersing yourself for long periods of time makes you a little nervous, you should know that proper training would give you the education and skills needed to scuba dive like a pro. You’ll also gain all kinds of benefits when you undergo certification. Here are a few great reasons to get your scuba diving certification before your next trip to the beach.

Don’t Miss Out

You don’t want to be the only one twiddling your thumbs on the boat while all of your family members or friends have fun underwater. You want to be part of the amazing experience, taking in the sights on the ocean floor that you simply can’t glimpse from above.

Sure you can view pictures and videos, but these representations just don’t compare to wading through a seaweed forest, floating within inches of coral reef, or literally swimming with the fishes. Don’t miss out on the best part of your tropical vacation and get your scuba diving certification in advance.

Explore Strange New Worlds

Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew were tasked with space exploration. While the average person can’t yet reach beyond Earth’s atmosphere in search of adventure, the world’s oceans provide an equally challenging and exciting venue to explore. Luckily, we have the brainpower to explore both sky and sea, even though they aren’t our natural elements.

Scuba diving can help you to unlock the ocean’s mysteries. You don’t have to be a marine biologist to marvel at the abundance of life that exists under water, nor do you have to be an artist to appreciate the beautiful vistas and rare sights that can only be found beneath the sea.

When you receive your scuba diving certification, you’ll gain access to adventures that were beyond the reach of man a century ago. Don’t hold your breath for space exploration when the ocean is within easy reach.

Enjoy a Fun New Hobby

You only have to try scuba diving once to get hooked. There’s simply nothing quite like submerging yourself and diving to the ocean floor to observe a world that is entirely foreign to humans. If you’re interested in a pastime that offers you action, adventure, and awe, few activities compare to scuba diving, and all you have to do is take a scuba diving certification course to get started. Best of all, you can do it with friends.

Learn New Skills

The brain is not a muscle (despite the common adage). However, you do need to exercise it if you want it to function at its peak. This means trying new things.

When you decide to take a scuba diving certification course, you’ll not only get to exercise your brain, picking up new information and skills along the way, but you’ll also get some physical fitness in the process. In other words, scuba offers both brain and body benefits that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Photo Ops

There’s no need to be jealous of the vacation photos family and friends take while scuba diving. What’s stopping you from taking the plunge and enjoying your own photo ops? With a proper scuba diving certification, you can soon spend your vacations frolicking beneath the waves and adding fun photos to your own collection.


Those who love lobster and crab know that the price for these crustaceans can make them a rare treat. When you scuba dive, however, you have the opportunity pick up your own, fresh seafood direct from the ocean floor. All you have to do is get proper permits and you’re in business.

Gain Confidence

When you learn how to do new things, you become a more confident and capable person. Scuba diving certification can not only improve your confidence in the water, making you more comfortable with swimming and diving in general, but it can also add to your overall confidence and have a positive impact on your life.