Thailand Scuba Diving Trip 2016

Thailand Scuba Diving Trip 2016
11 Mar 2016

Thailand Scuba Diving Trip 2016

Back Again To The Similan Islands

Once again we decided to visit this spectacular country vibrant with culture and amazing diving.The Similan Islands and its outer lying islands are a must for the scuba diver’s bucket-list checkoff. Up the coast from Phuket, Thailand, where the boats leave from a town called Khao Lak from a pier called Tap Lamu, most liveaboards embark and head to this amazing marine gateway park. The boat leaves in the evening after checking in all the divers and dinner is served while the boat heads up the coast to the Similans. Its a happy atmosphere because every diver is excited for the adventure that awaits.

James Bond’s “Man With The Golden Gun” Boat

The Junk, the liveaboard boat we dove on was the boat used in the Bond 007 film “Man With The Golden Gun”. Originally in the film it was the “June Hong Chian Lee”, The Sirenfleet purchased this boat and completely revamped it to make it a self-sustained liveaboard boat. It stands out amongst the other liveaboard boats in the Similan Islands because of its uniqueness resembling a pirate ship.

The Dive Itinerary

The trip was amazing as usual where we dove the Similan Islands and outer lying islands such as Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock (an amazing pinnacle dive with all sorts of big fish). The Similan Islands and other mentioned dive spots are located in the Andaman Sea which is part of the Indian Ocean.

Strong Currents

Scuba diving in this area is considered advanced diving. There are a lot of currents which bring large fish to view, but the currents can take a diver who is inexperienced for quite a surprise. Since a lot of the dives have currents, it is essential that everyone carries an SMB (surface marker buoy) and know how to inflate it properly on a safety stop for the dingy driver to spot and pick you up. Another useful piece of equipment that is a must have is the reef hook. A reef hook is used to hook into a dead part of a reef to maintain your position instead of holding on to the reef with your fingers or trying to fight the current and burning right through your air supply.

Richelieu Rock Is Tops

Visiting Richelieu Rock for the third time in ten years, it still stands out as one of the most amazing dives. If you go out into the blue water in this dive, you can see all types of big fish and schools of fish that portray an ensemble of colors beyond your wildest imagination.

We Are Sure To Be Back

It was eight days of amazing diving with currents that brought big fish to the human eye. The boat and their crew worked hard to make every diver experience amazing dives and enjoy their dive vacation thoroughly. After twenty seven dives in eight days, once would think that those dives were more than enough but we are sure we will be visiting those sites again in the near future. There is an allure about Thailand’s diving and vibrance that can capture the wildest imagination of any individual looking for adventure. Whether it is the scuba diving, the interesting Thai culture or the food, there is something for the curious tourist and world traveler that will captivate and bring them back again and again.