Must-Have Scuba Diving Gear: A Guide

Must-Have Scuba Diving Gear: A Guide
10 Feb 2018

Must-Have Scuba Diving Gear: A Guide

Scuba diving is not as dangerous as some people seem to think. While there is some risk involved, having the proper scuba diving gear is important for safety purposes. Of course, materials can be rented, but the price can start to add up. After completing training and earning a certification, it is time for your own scuba gear. When purchasing personal equipment, it is important to have a few key basic items. To learn our picks for the must-have scuba gear, read on.

1. Mask

The most basic of the scuba diving gear items is the mask. Masks create air space in front of your eyes which allows you to focus. These diving masks also equalize pressure in the area of your nose, allowing you to dive deeper. When purchasing a mask, make sure it is comfortable. Diving while wearing an uncomfortable mask can be excruciating.If allowed, place the mask on beforehand and adjust the straps. Look around. If you have a regulator (or a rental one), make sure its comfortable to use while wearing the mask. Also, check to see if the mask’s material is durable!

2. Snorkel

A snorkel allows a diver to conserve air in their tanks when swimming along the surface of a body of water. Like with a mask, this scuba diving gear piece is all about comfort and durability. A longer snorkel allows you to dive a bit deeper along the surface but adds more drag. A basic, durable snorkel will do. Test it to make sure it fits with a mask before purchasing.

3. Dive Knife

Dive knives can be a handy tool that may save a life. People sometimes get tangled in lines or even kelp when diving and need a knife to help cut themselves free. Carrying a dive knife may also help protect against sharks or other dangerous ocean wildlife. When picking out a dive knife, choose one with a serrated edge, which is better for sawing through a material. Also, research the material the knife is made out of to avoid rust or corrosion of the knife.

4. Exposure Protection Suit (Wetsuit)

Choosing a wetsuit can be difficult, as there are many different options. This scuba diving gear item is an investment, as wetsuits can last many years. You are definitely going to want to choose a material that is durable! It is key for the wetsuit to be well-fitting as well as comfortable for longer dives.While an extremely snug suit appears slimming, it can also cause muscle fatigue and soreness. Make sure there is a decent amount of room in areas such as the small of your back, the crotch, and the neck.

5. Fins

Fins are essential scuba diving gear which helps you maneuver through the water during dives. There are several types of fins to consider, such as full-footed or open-heeled. Some even require you to wear booties for a more firm fit. Test the different types of fins while at your driving school before you decide on a purchase. As with a wetsuit, fins are an investment that can last years if taken care of and worn properly.

Essential Scuba Diving Gear

Face it, scuba diving requires specific gear to enjoy the sport correctly and safely. Before you invest in any equipment, be sure to rent the items to test.

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