5 Questions You Should Ask Your Scuba Diving Instructor

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Scuba Diving Instructor
12 Sep 2017

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Scuba Diving Instructor

Scuba diving is a once in a lifetime experience. You’ll see sights and hear sounds that are only in the depths of the ocean. No matter where you’re diving, it’s important to have a qualified diving instructor. An instructor can take you to the most scenic spots while keeping you safe during your adventure. Chances are that you’re excited and a bit anxious about your upcoming excursion. Before taking the dive, here are 5 questions you want to ask your scuba diving instructor.

1. How Long Have You Been an Instructor?

If this is your first time diving, you want to ensure you have an experienced diving instructor by your side. Diving with a novice instructor can be nerve-wracking. Nothing calms your fears like knowing you can trust your instructor to keep you safe. An experienced instructor has years of experience in the industry. He/she is more likely to be completely passionate about diving.This makes the experience much more fun.

2. What Type of Health Should I Be In?

While scuba diving is exciting, it can also be dangerous in the wrong conditions. Before scuba diving, you want to ask your instructor about any health requirements. To scuba dive safely, you need to be in good physical health. You also need to be mentally prepared for diving. Ensure that your heart and lungs are healthy. If you have any medical conditions, be sure that your scuba instructor is aware. There are health conditions that can complicate scuba diving, including:

  • Ear issues
  • Allergies
  • Asthma

3. What Type of Equipment is Used?

You want to know that the scuba equipment that is used is high-quality and professional grade. More importantly, you want to be assured that the equipment is functional. Scuba diving with outdated or low-quality equipment can put your life at risk. Before diving, take time to look at the equipment. Does it look well-kept and taken care of? Do you notice any obvious defects? A quality scuba diving instructor will only use top of the line equipment.

4. What First-Aid and Medical Equipment is Available?

Before scuba diving, you’ll take a short ride on a dive boat. Be sure to ask the instructor what type of first-aid and medical equipment is available.

A properly stocked boat should have:

  • Extra oxygen
  • Extra tanks
  • Life jackets
  • A first-aid kit

With scuba diving, it’s always best to be prepared for anything.

5. How Big is the Dive Group?

Many instructors teach scuba diving in groups. The bigger the group, the less money you can expect to pay. But, if this is your first time diving, it’s ideal to find a one-on-one instructor. This allows you to learn the skills you need to master scuba diving. It also ensures that there are expert eyes on you at all times.

A Trusted Scuba Diving Instructor

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