Diving Deep: How to Avoid Shark Attacks

Avoid Shark Attacks
9 Jul 2019

Diving Deep: How to Avoid Shark Attacks

Sharks are the king predators of the marine kingdom. Most people revere them. The first thought that comes to mind when you think of a shark is being bitten or killed by one. Every year, an average of 8 people are bitten by sharks without any provocation and roughly six of these victims end up losing their lives: a small number but still a grim figure nonetheless. More people die from bees’ stings and snake bites than shark attacks. While most of these attacks are not preventable, there are some things you can do to protect yourself from a shark attack. Keep reading to learn how to avoid shark attacks.

Tips on How to Avoid Shark Attacks

Usually, sharks bite humans because they need to feed, but sometimes they do so by mistake. Other times it is as a warning for invading their space because some people put themselves at risk because they touch the shark or try to feed it. Such an attack is a provoked attack and in most cases, bites on limbs are usually as a result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you are in a shark’s path when it is trying to grab fish, you will end up replacing the fish. Try to avoid swimming in the deeper parts of the sea or ocean on your own, especially if the water is not crystal clear to prevent a sneak attack. This is one of the most common tips on how to avoid shark attacks Do not under any circumstance, go swimming in shark-infested waters at night or the break of dawn. Not only will you be intruding their rest time, but the chances of rescue are low, and you could end up dying from blood loss. Never go swimming in the ocean if you have a bleeding wound because sharks can smell blood in the water. It is just an open invitation. It’s pretty much feeding yourself to the sharks. Avoid yellow colored swimwear or any other luminous color that contrasts from the ocean. You will make yourself a target. Opt for a shark bite suit instead. Avoid shiny jewelry at all costs. The bright reflection might appear to be the light reflection from fish scales. Do not call attention to yourself while in shark-infested waters. Do not swim near fishing boats, especially if they are reeling in the fish. The struggling fish motion is detectable to sharks from a mile away. If you spot seagull, then there is a fishing boat in the vicinity. Also, avoid splashing water around as this movement is similar to struggling fish.

Be on the Safe Side

Sharks have almost 500 species and only 12 of those species can attack you. Should you ever spot a shark near you, head for shore as soon as you can. This is how to avoid shark attacks. Should you come across one, do not attempt to punch it in the face as these put your limbs in its cross hairs. Last but not least scream for help and swim as fast as you can if you get bit or spot a shark swimming towards you. Visit our blog to learn more on how you can handle heavy current underwater. Learning how to dive and all the skills that come with the advanced classes can be a great benefit in being in waters with sharks. Also, low visibility areas in cold water diving can use some local courses where we conduct scuba diving classes in Dutch Springs.