How to Properly Disinfect Scuba Diving Equipment

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11 Dec 2020

How to Properly Disinfect Scuba Diving Equipment

Amidst bright corals, flashy clownfish, and curious seahorses, your scuba equipment gives you a steady supply of clean air while you explore the deeps. But what else could it be giving you?If you’re not properly disinfecting your scuba diving equipment, you could be inhaling more than just oxygen from your tank.

Keep reading to learn the best way to disinfect your scuba diving gear and protect your health.

The Best Disinfecting Products for Scuba Gear

These are the best disinfecting products:

  • Chemgene
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Steramine
  • Bleach

Chemgene is a fast-acting disinfectant that is safe for scuba gear. Disinfectants like those containing hydrogen peroxide can be used to spray down wetsuits and other scuba surfaces.

Steramine, a quaternary ammonium cleaner, is a well-known disinfectant already used by divers to clean scuba gear. It is also approved to kill COVID-19.

Bleach is very effective against the coronavirus and easier for the average person to get their hands on. The CDC says five tablespoons or 1/3 cup of bleach mixed into a full gallon of water is the best bleach solution ratio.

Diver Gear Disinfecting Process

The biggest challenge in disinfecting is making sure you leave products on long enough to kill viruses and bacteria.

When using something like a mixed bleach solution, let it sit on the item for at least a full minute. Then use regular water to wash the bleach away.

If there is a concern about corrosion on a particular piece of scuba diving gear, it is best to avoid bleach and opt for a scuba-safe product. Mouthpieces, inflators, and snorkels should all be thoroughly disinfected before being returned for use by another diver.

As a gentle reminder, do not mix (or use on the same surfaces) disinfectants based on bleach and ammonia. This can create a harmful gas.

Actually cleaning your gear is simple. Follow the directions for your specific disinfectant. Many will be mixed with or dissolved in water.

Then dunk your equipment and walk away. Get a snack, watch a video, and buy yourself 15 minutes of soaking time before you go back to rinse your gear. That’s it, your products are now clean.

Make sure to fully disinfect sections of your gear with “inside” parts, like your buoyancy control device bladder.

Is It Safe to Rent Scuba Gear During the Pandemic?

As the coronavirus pandemic grips the world, we have all become a little more cautious about sharing space and products with others. With that said, renting scuba equipment does come with inherent risks.

Chances are your rental company has done its due diligence in disinfecting scuba gear. How much you trust someone else to disinfect mouthpieces and more between rentals likely depends on your risk factors.

Like everything else during the pandemic, there’s no 100% guaranteed safe way to rent diver gear right now. If you do decide to rent equipment, ask specific questions about the company’s disinfecting procedures. To be extra safe, you could use the tips listed above to clean it yourself before you get in the water — just in case.

Disinfect Your Scuba Diving Equipment

Now that you know why and how to disinfect your scuba diving equipment, use this knowledge to create a healthy space for your scuba community. We can teach you different ways to take care of you equipment and show you how do do some local diving.

Ready to keep learning? Check out our FAQs for the best practices for your scuba gear or give us a call at 908.379.8220.

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