Scuba Diving Classes Lake Hydra, the New Dutch Springs

Lake Hydra
26 Dec 2022

Scuba Diving Classes Lake Hydra, the New Dutch Springs

There are around six million scuba divers around the globe, showing exactly how popular the sport is.

Scuba diving allows you to see sea life that you wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to see, and it’s a fun experience too. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to learn how to scuba dive. If so, we’re here for you.

Read on to find out about our Scuba Diving Classes in Lake Hydra.

Scuba Diving Classes In Lake Hydra

At Scuba Guru, we have scuba classes available for those who want to start scuba diving. They’re all open-water diving classes starting in December 2022. However, you can book from January through April 2023 also.

Here they are so you can choose the one that’s right for you.Pool and Academics

Pool and Academics

Learning to scuba dive is done with our COVID vaccinated instructor. They take Part One of the Open Water Diver Class and provide you with all the scuba diving gear needed to get you in the water. This is your introduction to diving, allowing you to learn basic diving skills along with theory lessons.

Classes begin early at 7 am at our public indoor pools. The other morning classes are from 9 am and take place at our private schools. The theory will be learned online from the comfort of your own home via Zoom and should be taken before lessons. Your lessons will be evaluated.

Classes include no more than four people each. This is so that maximal learning can be achieved and improve the relationship between you and the instructor as you learn to become a scuba diver.

For more about our upcoming classes, click here.

What You’ll Get to Experience as a Scuba Diver in Lake Hydra

Lake Hydra comes with many unique experiences. These include:

  • Exploring a new underworld
  • Peace and tranquility
  • Amazing discoveries

Here’s what you’ll get to encounter as you explore Lake Hydra.

Exploring a New Underworld

You get to spot new insights when you dive below the water. You’ll get to see a wide range of coral and sea life that you’ll never see above ground.

Scuba diving, therefore, offers something new and inviting, and Lake Hydra is the place to go. You’ll see interesting wreckages and various types of fish.

Peace, Tranquility, and Amazing Discoveries

Diving is a calming experience and can bring positive emotions. There’s tranquility as you dive below. It’s much quieter beneath the water than you get while on land.

While diving in Lake Hydra, you’ll come across historical structures that will leave you astounded and in awe, such as:

  • Army trucks
  • A school bus
  • Helicopters

Book In for One of Our Scuba Diving Classes in Lake Hydra Today

Scuba diving offers amazing discoveries that you would never otherwise see. The classes we offer are amongst the best in the world. That’s why you should get on board with one of our scuba diving classes in Lake Hydra.

Contact us now! We’ll give you lessons that lead to an experience of a lifetime.