Scuba Diving Lake Hydra, the New Dutch Springs

scuba diving Lake Hydra
23 Dec 2022

Scuba Diving Lake Hydra, the New Dutch Springs

Many people know that scuba diving is an exciting way to explore underwater depths. But did you know that it also has several benefits for your health?

Scuba diving involves swimming which is excellent for your cardiovascular health. It’s also excellent for flexibility and strength. Moreover, scuba diving can be a great destresser and a great way to socialize, which is excellent for your mental health.

All the health benefits aside, scuba diving is a lot of fun. And if you want to get an incredible experience, you should try scuba diving Lake Hydra, the New Dutch Springs. Read on to learn what Lake Hydra has to offer to a scuba diver.

What is Lake Hydra?

Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with Lake Hydra. But you may be familiar with Dutch Springs.

Dutch Springs was birthed from a building project in 1933. When a cement company purchased this land, they began manufacturing cement and mining limestone. The quarry began to fill with water, and in 1980 the land was purchased and turned into a popular freshwater diving facility known as Dutch Springs.

Dutch Springs recently went under new ownership, which has led to a new name: Lake Hydra. The owners have made this popular location a spot where learners can have fun and learn all there is to learn about diving.

Why Scuba Diving Lake Hydra is a Must?

While scuba diving in the ocean is a blast, it has its downsides. Needing to get a boat and dealing with saltwater’s effects on scuba diving gear isn’t pleasant. Lake Hydra is one of the more convenient scuba diving locations.

When diving at Lake Hydra, there’s no need to get a boat or rinse your gear off. You can simply hop into the water and enjoy the world below.

And while some consider freshwater diving a last resort, that shouldn’t be the case. There is just as much majesty in coming across a school of koi or trout as there is in finding a manatee or whale. Plus, you get to avoid the risk of encountering a shark.

This is a fun and convenient way to build your diving skills, see underwater life up close, and enjoy people’s company. You don’t want to miss out on the fun of scuba diving Lake Hydra.

Learning to Scuba Dive

Are you new to scuba diving? While it is fun, it is not without its risks. Before scuba diving Lake Hydra or any other location, you should take advantage of opportunities for lessons.

Scuba Guru in NJ is here to help. Our certified instructors will help you get the basics of scuba diving down. And even if you’re a seasoned diver, we can help you brush up on and improve your skills. We will introduce you to the local diving.

Don’t miss out on scuba diving lessons from people who know what they are doing. Check out our class schedule, fill out our forms, and contact us if you have any questions.