Scuba Diving NJ: The Ultimate Guide to Scuba Diving Gear

scuba diving nj
3 Jun 2022

Scuba Diving NJ: The Ultimate Guide to Scuba Diving Gear

Are you curious about becoming a scuba diver? There are now more than 29 Million PADI registered divers across the globe!

You might be new to scuba diving, or want to develop your skills. Either way, you need to invest in the correct gear. Scuba diving gear requirements change across the globe.

You may dive in a swimsuit in hotter places, but diving in NJ is known to be cold so you’ll need to think carefully about the gear you purchase. Find out more about scuba diving in NJ and what gear is required. 

Gear for Scuba Diving NJ

If you’re going to become a scuba diver, you need to invest in the correct equipment. Unlike many other sports, it could become very dangerous if your gear is not up to standard.

Comfortable scuba diving gear is non-negotiable. Here is what you’ll need to consider buying.

  • Mask + Snorkel
  • Fins
  • Drysuit/Wetsuit

There are some accessories worth buying, especially if you’re going to be diving in murky waters that can be quite dark as well. These could help you if you get stuck or tangled by seaweed.

  • Knife
  • Light
  • Gear Bag

Most scuba divers will buy this equipment. It’s not cheap, but if you buy quality pieces, they could last a lifetime.

Its always wise to go to a dive shop to see what equipment you’d prefer. There are so many types of diving masks to see online, but it will need to be fitted by an expert.

Scuba diving in NJ is generally quite cold, so its worth looking at whether a drysuit is a more suitable option instead of a thick wetsuit. Making sure you’re warm under water is a necessity.

If you head to your nearest scuba diving shop or consult an expert they can help you decide which gear to go for specifically in NJ.

Renting Equipment

If you’re a beginner scuba diver, it’s worth looking at whether to purchase or rent your equipment.

It’s always a benefit to have your own gear, but it is expensive and maybe not be worth investing in if you’re not entirely sure what you want.

These are the common things people rent as beginners.

  • Scuba Air Tank
  • Buoyancy Control Device (BCD)
  • Regulator
  • Dive Computer

These pieces of equipment are costly but worth investing in if you’re planning on scuba diving regularly. Most beginners start of renting this gear and then buy it once they are more comfortable diving.

As a beginner, its recommended to rent a dive computer, but this is worth buying in the future as they tailor their information specifically to you and your scuba dives.

Talk to an Expert

Making sure your comfort comes first is a must in scuba diving, especially diving in colder waters like NJ. Investing in the right gear for you is important.

Whether you’re new to scuba diving or you’ve never been before, there is a different range of scuba diving gear for everyone. If you’re looking to take up scuba diving, you can check out more information on scuba diving in NJ here.