The 5 Best Scuba Diving Accessories You Need to Have

scuba diving accessories
8 Dec 2021

The 5 Best Scuba Diving Accessories You Need to Have

From compasses to regulators, scuba diving is all about the gear. If you’re already as obsessed with diving as we are, you might be wondering what are some cool scuba diving accessories that you can add to your dive kit.

The problem is, scuba diving equipment is not exactly cheap so we’ve compiled a list of some of the best scuba diving accessories that will help you thrive as a diver.

1. Gear Bag

Once you’ve amassed enough of a collection of scuba dive equipment, the first thing you’re going to want to buy is a gear bag.

A good gear bag will not just store your scuba diving accessories but it can help you organize and transport them as well. These dive-specific pieces of luggage are custom designed to keep your gear protected and should also be able to stand up to saltwater and the sun.

2. Dive Knife

Dive knives are not actually for defending yourself from dangerous sea creatures, as much as they might look like it. What they’re actually used for is getting yourself out of tricky situations.

Think, disentangling yourself from kelp or cutting tangled fishing wire away from your gear or even from reefs. Dive knives come in a variety of types and sizes and can have a serrated edge or line cutter built-in.

This is one of our top recommended scuba diving accessories because you don’t know how useful they are until you really need one.

3. Dive Light

Many divers assume a dive light is just for night diving but in reality, a handy pocket light can be useful in a few situations. You can use a dive light while wreck diving, cave, or cenote diving and even for peering into cracks and crevices on a regular dive. A dive light can also be handy on deep dives since everything starts to look a little bit grey once you get down to 30 feet.

4. Surface Signaling Gear

If there was one essential scuba diving gear on the list, this would be it. Surface signaling gear includes marker buoys, whistles, signal mirrors, and air horns. They’ll help you be seen or heard if you need to surface away from the boat or need assistance.

5. Dry Bag

For when you’re out in a teeny tiny boat with nowhere to store your things or you get stuck out on the water when some bad weather comes in. Even if you think you’ve got things sorted with a clever collection of plastic bags and sandwich bags, chances are, water is going to get through to all the things that you’d rather keep dry.

A good dry bag will keep your wallet, phone, and other valuables safe from any liquids, even if it happens to fall into the water

Scuba Diving Accessories: Which Are Right For You?

When it comes down to it, the best scuba diving accessories are the ones that you’ll actually use when you need them. Once you’ve got more dives under your weight belt, you’ll soon be able to tell which scuba diving accessories are essential are which are just nice to have.

Get in touch with Scuba Guru if you’d like to chat more about recommended scuba diving accessories or to book your next class or certification. We will also help you get acclimated  and teach you about the local diving in the Northeast.