How To Have The Ultimate Underwater Wedding

How To Have The Ultimate Underwater Wedding
8 Dec 2017

How To Have The Ultimate Underwater Wedding

No single day in your life is as special as your wedding. It’s a beautiful day where you and your spouse, surrounded by friends and loved ones, become a union. However, planning a wedding isn’t exactly cheap. In fact, the average wedding costs around $27,000. Yikes. But don’t give up just yet. You can still have the wedding of your dreams in a way that will really set your ceremony apart. Welcome to the world of underwater weddings. Yes, scuba diving isn’t just for checking out fish and coral. Now, divers can tie the knot under the sea! Want to learn more? Read on to learn how to plan an underwater wedding.

Consider Obtaining Your Scuba License

Scuba diving requires hours of training and learning, so don’t expect to grab a tank and hit the ocean. We suggest talking to an accredited instructor before deciding on your underwater wedding.Your instructor will be able to brief you on any safety procedures and licenses needed. For instance, you may have to undergo an extensive course before your wedding. In your class, you and your spouse will learn all the basics about scuba diving. Learn about proper masking techniques, buoyancy, and how to prepare an oxygen tank.

Budget For Your Underwater Wedding

Naturally, your wedding is going to come with some unorthodox expenses. The good news is that an underwater ceremony is often cheaper than a full-on ceremony in a chapel. No need to worry about seating arrangements, booking a venue, or finding the perfect decorations! However, you should plan on including your class expenses in your budget. Additionally, you’ll want to budget for the equipment used during the ceremony, as well as any extras on land.

Plan Your Helmets Wisely

The exchange of wedding vows is one of the sweetest and most time-honored traditions. While you may think that an underwater wedding would prevent you and your spouse from exchanging vows, you may want to hold on. Certainly, traditional scuba helmets won’t allow you to hear your partner. However, you can rent specialized headsets with tiny comm units. With these helmets, you can hang on to every beautiful word and enjoy the beautiful tradition as a few thousand of your closest fish friends watch on. One couple even wrote their vows on placards to exchange vows underwater!

Don’t Forget About Above Water Festivities

You won’t have the chance to bring many people underwater with you, but that doesn’t prohibit you from celebrating with your family. Once you and your spouse tie the knot, head to the surface for a beautiful celebration. This is when your wedding will take a more traditional turn. If you’d like, you can have refreshments, seating, and a dance floor. You’ll get all the luxuries of a traditional wedding with the adventure of a scuba expedition!

Want To Learn More?

A normal wedding is already an unforgettable experience. But an underwater wedding is special. You deserve a fantastic wedding day! If you are in NJ, we can teach you to handle almost any situation in the water.

Get in touch with us and learn how you can sign up for scuba classes and make your dream wedding a reality.