Going Wreck Diving?: Top Tips for a Fun and Safe Dive

Going Wreck Diving?
6 Dec 2018

Going Wreck Diving?: Top Tips for a Fun and Safe Dive

As you’ve discovered, there’s more to see beneath the waves than just rainbow coral and pretty fish! Wreck diving is a super-cool experience – it’s your chance to get up close and personal with famous sunken ships. If you’ve ever longed for that tantalizing glimpse into the past, this is it! As with all diving expeditions, there’s an element of danger involved. Make sure you know what you’re doing by following our 5 top tips for a fun and safe wreck dive.

Tip 1 – Choose Your Wreck Carefully

Wreck diving can be a little different to regular diving, as wrecks are usually a long way off the coast and in pretty deep water. First, make sure that you’re qualified for the depth of dive you want to do. If you are but don’t feel your best, postpone it until you feel better. Never attempt a dive you’re not cut out for. Specialist training is available for wreck diving – worth considering if you’d like to make this a regular part of your diving schedule.

Tip 2 – Use the Right Kit

Make sure that you have all the required equipment and it’s of top quality. You need to be able to completely rely on it. Ensure it’s all cleaned, tested and working perfectly before embarking. All wrecks are different, so listen carefully to the guidance given before setting off on this expedition. Wreck diving requires close cooperation with your diving buddy, so plan it carefully together and stick to the plan once on the dive.

Tip 3 – Descend Carefully

The descent will form an important part of your pre-dive briefing. There are various ways to descend to underwater shipwrecks, and this will be determined by the dive operator ahead of time. Often, lines are used to aid descent. Make sure you’re fully familiar with the type of line system and how it will be used before you start your descent.

Tip 4 – Enjoy the Moment

Okay, we’ve talked a lot about safety and rightly so, but the best tip once you’re down there is to enjoy every second. You are going to see a fascinating glimpse into the past – sometimes the seriously distant past – and get a unique perspective on history in the process. Make sure you take tons of photos to enjoy later. Look out for signs of how it ended up at the bottom of the ocean. And remnants of objects will tell you what life was like on-board for the sailors. Do your homework and find out which angles work best for photographing the wreck you’re visiting.

Tip 5 – Ascend Safely

As all divers know, there are dangers associated with ascents done wrong. A direct ascent is probably not possible. So, plan your ascent using the rule of thirds – one third for the outward journey, a third for the return and a third in reserve for safety.

The Last Word: Wreck Diving Made Safe

Wreck diving can be a whole lot of fun, giving you opportunities to see things you never would in any other setting. Follow these safety tips and make sure it’s an experience that’s memorable for all the right reasons. Why not check out our Wreck Diving Speciality Course. It covers everything needed to prepare you to safely enter the wonderful world of wreck diving!