Off the Beaten Track: 5 Lesser-Known Diving Destinations Worth Exploring

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21 May 2020

Off the Beaten Track: 5 Lesser-Known Diving Destinations Worth Exploring

If you love scuba diving but don’t enjoy big crowds, you need to find diving spots off the beaten path.

We’ve scoured the globe to find the 5 best diving destinations that offer great experiences but few people. This list will give you the ideas you need for your next diving vacation.

Read on to learn which 5 dive spots made our list.

1. The Red Sea from Sudan and Djibouti

The Red Sea is one of the most popular dive locations on the planet. But Sudan and Djibouti are two places where you won’t find so many crowds.

The Sudanese coastline features beautiful reefs and much more marine life than the more heavily dived northern coast. While from Djibouti you can hit similar areas of the Red Sea as well as diving in the Indian Ocean.

Both country’s best dive spots feature a wide variety of shark species galore. February through May is the most favorable time to go there.

2. Antarctica and the Arctic

The planet’s two polar regions are not top of most divers’ lists of “hot” spots.

Diving in Antarctica and the Arctic is not for newbies. It’s best to have at least 30 dives under your belt. Some of those should have been in cold water, too.

Explore these diving destinations if you want to see marine life that’s unique. Penguins, whales, seals, jellyfish, and much more await your trip.

Head to Antarctica between September and February. Head north to the Arctic between April and August.

3. Baja California Islands Diving Destinations

If you want remote, untraveled dive locations, head for the Guadalupe and Socorro Islands on the Pacific side of Mexico’s Baja California.

Guadalupe is best known for cage dives with great white sharks. The Soccoro Islands teem with marine life, including diving with giant manta rays.

The Soccoro Islands are generally considered a diving spot for advanced divers. Make sure you check with the company you choose to make sure you have the experience needed for this location.

4. Carriacou in Grenada

Finding a lesser-traveled location in the Caribbean can be tough. But Carriacou in Grenada is a hidden gem. Carriacou, unlike other parts of Grenada, is not a big tourist draw and the dive sites are largely unspoiled.

The marine life makes this one of our top diving destinations off the beaten track. There are many wrecks to dive. The warm waters are home to hard and soft corals and unusual sea sponges.

The reefs are home to nurse sharks, eagle rays, sea turtles, and much more. The most favorable time to go there is December to May.

5. Pohnpei in Micronesia

If you’re a bit of a history junkie, the WWII wrecks in the Pohnpei region are a definite draw. There are 11 marine-protected areas.

Head for the north side of the Pohnpei islands for the best diving spots. Big drop-offs, channels, and coral gardens are some of the main attractions. Manta rays, grey sharks, Napoleon wrasses, sea turtles, and groupers are some of the highlights in terms of marine life.

Head for this entry on this list of diving destinations between July to November for the best experience.

These Diving Destinations Won’t Leave You Feeling Crowded

As you can see, the list of diving destinations here offers something for every diver. But they don’t come with a whole bunch of fellow divers to spoil the experience.

Whether you want cold or warm water, big marine life, or unusual wrecks, you’ll find your desired action in one of these 5 great diving destinations.

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