Why Do I Need a Certification For Drysuit Diving?

drysuit diving
28 Apr 2020

Why Do I Need a Certification For Drysuit Diving?

Nothing beats scuba diving. The only problem with it is the season is too short. But what if there was a way to dive longer into the season, dive into deeper waters, and keep yourself comfortably warm?

Enter the drysuit.

This remarkable piece of equipment does all of those things. But drysuit diving isn’t as simple as just buying the equipment online and jumping in. Of course, no one can stop you from doing that, but it just wouldn’t be safe.

Your well-being should always be your number one concern with any activity, and there is one surefire way to ensure your safety and enjoy diving the most comfortable way possible. Taking a class and getting your drysuit certification will equip you with everything you need to do just that.

Here are some reasons you might want to try a drysuit certification course.

Unfamiliar Equipment

With drysuit diving, there’s more to the ensemble than what’s typical of scuba diving.

With the many layers required for it, you’ll be more buoyant; this will affect how much weight you will wear. Naturally, additional layers and weight will make you more bulky and cumbersome. Your first experience with a drysuit might take some getting used to, especially while you’re initially trying to descend with all that extra air running up into your boots.

Knowing How Safety Procedures Differ With A Drysuit Can Save Your Life

You’re heavier, waddling more, and you’re having a hard time descending, but once you get past that you’re good, right?

Not quite.

You’ve got the equipment now, but do you know how to use it? Especially if something goes wrong, you’ll be glad you learned the proper safety protocols.

If you’re an experienced diver, you already know all about the need to add air to your BC as you descend and things compress, and to release air when you rise while what air you have expands. But in a drysuit, you’ve got a couple of extra valves than you would have with just your BC. Taking a class will help you manage drysuit squeeze on the descent and prepare you to deal with becoming bloated with air as you ascend.

And if one of your valves fails? Well, there are emergency protocols for that, too. But if you just bought your gear off eBay and dove in, you won’t know those.

Divemasters anywhere can tell you—and this happens far too often—of times when someone bought secondhand gear and it failed them because they forgot to check it before using it. Don’t be that person. But if your gear fails, educating yourself on how to respond will keep you safe.

A Chance To Safely Test And Learn About Drysuit Diving Equipment Before You Invest

This hobby isn’t cheap. Taking a course to learn the ins and outs of your gear will give you a chance to handle it before you invest hundreds of dollars.

Your local dive shop will usually have the option to rent. And even after you’re certified, this can be the best way to go for a while. But if you’re on the fence about buying, getting your drysuit certification can kill two birds with one stone.

Dive In

This may seem like a lot, but the truth of it all is that anyone can learn how to use a drysuit and do cold water diving. Becoming certified in drysuit diving is only a matter of taking a single course over one or two days.

If you want to dive longer into the season, dive deeper, and stay warmer and more comfortable doing it, then contact us for more information and we’ll help get you started.

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