Why You Should Get Your Scuba Certification ASAP

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31 Mar 2020

Why You Should Get Your Scuba Certification ASAP

Did you know that 64% of scuba divers earn an annual salary of at least $75K?

So we’re not promising that getting a scuba certification will increase your income.

But we are saying that becoming a scuba diver will make you really cool.

Here’s why you should get certified ASAP!

It Literally Opens a Whole New World to You

Seventy-one percent of the world is ocean. If you’re only exploring it by land, you’re literally only scratching the surface of what’s out there.

If you’ve ever wanted to walk on an extraterrestrial planet the ocean is the closest thing you can have to an interstellar experience. The suits are similar, you can’t breathe, and the physics that enable the unique ecosystems you experience to flourish are unreachable to humans in their true form. Scientists have literally said that octopuses are of alien origin.

There are also all types of scuba diving and different marine ecosystems available to explore. Divers can specialize in archeology and exploring all the ancient ruins under the sea. You can dive in cold water or warm waters, explore caves, cenotes and the unique life that rises from the deep during night diving.

Getting a Scuba Certification Will Humble You

Humans strut around like they own the world, because we sort of do. We’ve run down any other spices that has even remotely showed us a signal that they could be a threat. Some might say we’ve gone a little overboard given that 41,415 species on earth are either endangered or on their way to becoming endangered.

But there’s nothing like being a novice diver and descending dozens of feet below sea level to remind you that water is the true ruler of this blue planet. Divers risk decompression sickness by simply ascending too quickly at any depth.

Our human bodies are incredibly fragile, taking an hour or more to prep for scuba diving really puts that into perspective. We’re simply not made to survive on 71% of earth! And that doesn’t even include areas like high mountain peaks, deep canyons, and volcanoes.

Facing Your Fears of The Deep will Help You On Land Too

“Shark Week” is an unofficial holiday in America. We are mesmerized and also terrified of the ocean. Some people are born with such an incredible boldness that the “what ifs” rarely cross their mind as they’re walking off the dive boat. But let’s face it, humans are naturally fearful creatures.

Fear exists to instinctively protect us. But we’ve also been conditioned for centuries to have exaggerated fears of things too. Regardless of where you land on the fear spectrum for the ocean, actually diving and then having a great time has the ability to expand the limits of possibility in your mind.

When you take the Open Water scuba certification course ,one of the tests you have to complete is completely removing your goggles under water, then putting them back on and removing the ocean water from them (so that they’re usable). If you’ve never dived this might look “too hard” but it’s actually one of the easiest hacks to learn. Diving removes the sometimes limiting beliefs we have and enables us to see through to the other side of the water.

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