Diving Fitness Level: How to Improve your Scuba Capabilities

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9 Feb 2020

Diving Fitness Level: How to Improve your Scuba Capabilities

Are you ready to start your next scuba diving adventure? Scuba diving is a fun and fulfilling activity.

However, to get the most out of it, you have to be physically able to manage it. There is no getting around it.

If you plan to dive well you must also plan to exercise in order to increase your fitness level.

Here’s a look at the essentials you need to remember to stay physically fit for scuba diving.

Plan to Make Exercising a Habit

Ongoing physical activity will enhance your diving skills. As you begin to exercise regularly you’ll notice that your endurance levels while underwater will increase.

Being physically fit helps to improve the transportation of oxygen to the muscles in your body while diving. This will make you become more comfortable as you move underwater. You will have more control and your stamina will increase dramatically.

These are incredible benefits to have, especially if you want to be a lifetime diver. Always remember that diving itself is not enough exercise to keep you in shape. You must have an exercise regimen outside of the water.

When Should You Exercise to Increase Your Fitness Level?

Timing your exercise so that it aligns perfectly with your diving activities is essential. It is not advised that you do any intense physical activity the day before a dive. Instead, in those 24 hours, you should focus on lighter activities.

In the weeks prior, you should be jogging, walking, swimming and doing High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts. If possible you can do some light weight training to build muscle strength.

Non-strenuous exercise during the off-gassing phase of the dive will also help to remove any inert gas from the body that you may have ingested from your scuba diving tank.

Watch What You Eat

While exercising is the key to staying fit and having more stamina as a scuba diver you should never ignore the need for good nutrition.

This means that you should not be eating and drinking whatever you want without thought of its nutritional value, especially on those days where you are diving.

Whenever you decide to start an exercise regimen you should also carefully consider your food choices. Speak to your doctor and then a nutritionist who understands the rigors that scuba diving can have on the body.

A good nutritionist will be able to formulate a nutrition plan for you based on your age and current level of fitness.

Final Scuba Diving Fitness Tips

Increasing your fitness level as a diver is extremely important. Often scuba divers fall into the trap of believing that scuba diving itself is physical activity enough.

This is not the case. In order to help your body handle the exertion of diving, you must have a fitness plan in place.

You should also have a good nutrition plan. If you don’t you run the risk of becoming easily fatigued while scuba diving and this can take away from the enjoyment of the activity.

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