What Is Scuba Diving? Common Questions Asked by Non Divers to Divers

What Is Scuba Diving?
12 Nov 2018

What Is Scuba Diving? Common Questions Asked by Non Divers to Divers

With as many as six million active scuba divers around the world, there’s never been a better time to take an interest in the world of diving. Of course, if you’re brand new to the hobby, you likely have some questions. Not to worry, we’re here to help!

From answering what is scuba diving to details on everything you’ll need to dive, we’re answering four of the most common questions new divers have.

1. What is Scuba Diving?

Let’s start with the basics: What is scuba diving? At its core, scuba diving is a form of long-form diving where participants spend anywhere from several minutes to around an hour underwater. While some dive for sport, most do so as a means of underwater sightseeing. From beautiful coral reefs to fascinating wildlife, there’s so much to explore in the ocean, and scuba diving is the easiest and most exciting way to see these aquatic beauties.

2. Can Anyone Scuba Dive?

Yes, just about anyone can learn to scuba dive. There are just a few simple requirements. First, participants must be at least 10 years of age. It’s also encouraged that participants are at least somewhat active on a regular basis. Though there isn’t a set weight limit on diving or learning to dive, kicking and flipping, in particular, require a deal of athleticism. Finally, you’ll want to be careful if you have pulmonary or heart conditions. If you have asthma or heart disease, talk to a medical professional before signing up for lessons.

3. Is Scuba Diving Dangerous?

If you’ve ever seen JAWS or Open Water, it’s easy to see how scuba diving would be a dangerous activity. But that’s why divers are required to take a training course before heading out to see. Despite what popular movies would have you believe, scuba diving is a fun, safe activity, even in deeper, open waters. And what about sharks? They’re nothing to worry about. National Geographic points out that only 19 shark attacks occur in the United States in a given year — with only one fatality. The odds of a shark attack are slim to none, as sharks are rarely aggressive.

4. What Do I Need to Dive?

Before you head out to sea, you’ll need to make sure you have a few things. First, you’ll need to take a course. This is for your own good, as you’ll learn the basics of scuba safety, such as hand signals and emergency procedures, as well as proper swimming techniques. Next, you’ll need to rent or purchase a set of scuba equipment. Your pack should include:

  • Wetsuit or dive skin
  • Air tank and harness
  • Face mask
  • Fins
  • Buoyancy control device

Note that the specifics of each type of equipment will depend on what type of what you’re diving in. Cold water and warm water diving require different suits, for instance.

A Whole New World Awaits: Learn to Dive Today

So, to wrap things up, what is scuba diving? Scuba diving is a wonderful pastime where we can connect with nature in a way like never before. It’s a way to spend quality time with friends and family and get out of your comfort zone. And most importantly, scuba diving is an activity for everyone.

If you’re interested in taking scuba diving courses, get in touch. We offer custom scuba instruction so you can learn to dive when you want, the way you want.