Quick Dive: Which Types of Snorkel Masks Are Best?

3 Feb 2020

Quick Dive: Which Types of Snorkel Masks Are Best?

The possibilities for a snorkel mask can be overwhelming, with every choice looking the same as the last one. Yet they all fit differently, and faces are different shapes too. No mask will fit the same on every person.

Even if you’re a good swimmer, when your snorkel mask fails to keep the water out, you can feel panicked. A good mask is the key to enjoying your snorkeling experience.

Here are the top types of snorkel masks for your next excursion under the sea.

Cheaper, Universal Snorkel Masks

You can spend a lot of money on snorkel masks, but you can also go the cheaper route if you’re just beginning. If you find one with tempered glass in the front instead of plastic, you’ll have less of a chance of scratching the window. Anti-glare coating can help too.

These tend to have wider noses to fit more faces, though, which you can see during your dive if you fixate on it. Whether you’re diving in Egypt, Morocco, or Australia, you need a mask that helps you take in the full picture of the underwater world.

Adjustable Straps

Finding a mask with an adjustable strap helps you get a good fit. No matter the style, if your strap is adjustable, you should be able to get a good seal on your face. Some straps have adjustable buckles on each side of the strap.

Other straps have more complicated attachments. These include tech to help you adjust their length, as well as the angle. It’s also helpful for anyone with a bun or ponytail to find a split strap that goes around the hairdo on the back of your head.

Silicone Skirt

The skirt is what helps your mask create a good seal. It surrounds your panoramic, single lens, or double lens mask to make sure the water stays outside where it’s supposed to. They range from flexible and thin to stiff and denser.

Whichever type you choose, make sure you find several reviews from people with different shaped faces that tell you how well the skirt sealed. You want a good seal so you can see the coral and sea life clearly.

Lightweight Masks

Some masks can really weigh on your face. The heavier ones aren’t necessarily more durable, which is one of the reasons you may think of choosing a hefty piece of equipment. Instead, heavy masks may actually be older and less reliable, particularly if you need to modify it to fit your eyeglass prescription.

Choose a lightweight mask to make your experience more enjoyable. The lighter the gear, the less of a chance your neck will get tired or you’ll get a headache. No matter how great your mask is, always make sure to do a check on your gear before you go out the next time.

Your Underwater Adventure

From the weight of your mask to the type of strap, choosing the right snorkel mask is the best way to have a fabulous time on your dive. Following the tips above will help you as you shop for the right mask to fit your face shape.

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