Scuba Diving in NJ: 6 Myths Debunked

Scuba diving in NJ
13 Apr 2022

Scuba Diving in NJ: 6 Myths Debunked

When you go scuba diving in NJ, there are many points of interest for you to see. There are countless shipwrecks and artificial reefs to go scuba diving on in New Jersey. Just look for a scuba diving guide and get certified!

What is scuba diving? When you scuba dive, you wear a wet suit and carry a tank of air and a rebreather to give you more time underwater. While not infinite, the air tanks allow you to dive farther and deeper than you otherwise could.

As popular as scuba diving is, there are still a lot of scuba diving myths out there. Hollywood has sensationalized the ocean for decades, leading to many misconceptions! So, read on to have six scuba diving myths debunked!

1. Only Olympians Can Learn

Anyone can learn to scuba dive with a diving class. If you needed to be at that level of fitness to learn to dive, almost no one would do it. The only need is that you know how to swim and are comfortable in the water.

2. You Need a Ton of Gear

You only need three items to start: fins, a mask, and a snorkel. They need to have a good fit to better your enjoyment underwater, so you want to have them before you begin the class. Everything else you can rent until you can afford them!

3. Scuba Diving Is Boring

You can choose your excitement level when you dive. If you want a nice and relaxing dive among tropical fish a beautiful reefs, then you can! If you want more excitement, you can go wreck diving or cave diving!

4. You Can Only Dive If You Live Near The Ocean

Wherever you live, there’s likely someplace you can dive nearby. Whether that’s an old quarry, a spring, a man-made lake, or the ocean, you can find a dive shop close by to learn how to dive. The ocean is a great place to dive, but many places have a gem of a diving spot to explore.

5. Sharks Attack Divers

Movies like Jaws and Open Water, as good as they are, have given sharks a bad name. Sharks rarely attack people, and you’re more likely to die by a vending machine. Scuba diving is a great way to learn about these amazing sea creatures, and there are shark-encounter dives to do so.

6. Certification Is Expensive

Scuba diving certification is no more expensive than a year of a gym membership or a ski lift ticket. Better yet, scuba diving can be a family activity. Building memories with your family is worth a little money, isn’t it?

Time to Go Scuba Diving In NJ

Scuba diving in NJ is just as interesting as anywhere else in the world. Whether you live there or plan on vacationing over the summer, a scuba diving class is sure to be a hit with your family. Sign up today!

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