Scuba Diving NJ: 3 Tips for Scuba Diving in Summer 2022

scuba diving NJ
22 Feb 2022

Scuba Diving NJ: 3 Tips for Scuba Diving in Summer 2022

Did you know that approximately 20% of the population has been new to outdoor recreation since the COVID-19 pandemic started? As social distancing and indoor restrictions increased, more people flocked to the outdoors. Have you searched for ‘scuba diving NJ’?

You’ve likely pulled up dozens of results. On the East Coast, scuba diving is a great outdoor activity that anyone can get started in with a little bit of training and practice.

Rather than sifting through different certification companies and schools, we have put together three helpful tips for beginner and advanced scuba divers and where you can find the perfect courses that fit your skill levels. Keep reading for more information!

1. Practice Makes Perfect

You can find some of the best scuba diving in the United States with New Jersey tourism, and it is a great way for you to hone your skills. As simple as it sounds, practice really does help you tackle harder and more technical dives in the future.

First, find a diving school and instructor who can take you through multiple courses. Jersey shore diving classes include beginner and advanced courses, which means there is something for everyone. This is a perfect time to pick your instructor’s brain and make sure you are well prepared for the summer.

Start in shallow water during your first few times before venturing out. Scuba diving is a skill set that takes time and – you guessed it – practice.

2. Safety First

Beginner and expert divers should always follow safety protocols and pre-dive checks when scuba diving in New Jersey. Missing key safety features can put you and others at risk, which brings up the first key safety point: always swim with a buddy.

Next, ensure your BCD/buoyancy gear is functioning by testing the deflate and inflate valves. Then, check your weights (and your friend’s) and ensure they are correctly attached. Double-check all your releases in case of an emergency and properly test your oxygen tank by taking multiple deep breaths through the regulator.

Lastly, perform one more walk-through and check that all straps are secured before diving in.

3. Learning To Swim Properly

Even if you are a talented pool swimmer, you will find that scuba diving requires an entirely different technique. Rather than using your arms, you should keep them close to your sides or hold onto your buoyancy compensator. Using your arms while scuba diving is inefficient, makes you breathe faster, and puts other swimmers at risk if you accidentally hit them.

Use your fins to your advantage. First, breathe deep and slow and kick with your entire leg rather than just the knee. If you relax your knee and keep it relatively straight, you’ll find that you have more power and control with your kicks.

Find, ‘Scuba Diving NJ Near You’

Scuba diving NJ is an excellent opportunity for you to develop or hone your scuba diving skills and get you prepared for summer 2022. At Scuba Guru, we offer beginner, advanced, and professional courses. With multiple class schedules close to you, you can bring friends and family and get started today!

Are you still interested? Contact us today and get started with our PADI-certified staff.