5 Essential Scuba Diving Refresher Tips

scuba diving refresher
24 Dec 2019

5 Essential Scuba Diving Refresher Tips

If you’re one of the nearly three million scuba divers in the nation, you know how fun and amazing scuba diving can be. You should also know it can be deadly. Are you looking to make your dives safer? Feel like you could work on your basic technique? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just completed classes, there’s always room for a scuba diving refresher. Here are five tips that will make you a better diver.

1. Safety Before the Dive

Doing a pre-dive safety check could literally be the difference between life or death. At the very minimum you can avoid sucking the fun out of a dive that has to end early. Check all of your gear beforehand. Everything should be in place and working perfectly.

2. Safe Descents and Emergency Ascents

Descending and ascending causes a lot of changes in your body. An underwater environment asserts a lot of pressure on your body. Take time to descend carefully and slowly in order to allow your ears to pressurize equally. Know how to get back to the surface quickly and safely in the event of an emergency.

3. Hand Signals

You can’t talk underwater and you’ll have to use your hands. Do you konw all of the signals?

  • OK: Just like an OK signal on the surface, with your thumb and forefinger in a loop
  • Ascend: Give a thumbs up to ascend
  • Problem: Palm face down, wiggle your hand side to side, almost like a “so-so” motion
  • Out of Air: Make a slash motion with your hand across your neck

There are other signals, but these are crucial to memorize.

4. Mind Your Manners

One skill that works on the surface as well as in the deep? Minding your manners! Scuba diving is exciting. It’s natural to want to interact with the beautiful sights below. However, touching delicate plant and marine life can be damaging. Even bright flashes on your camera can disturb the wildlife. Be on your best behavior while diving. Enjoy the scenery as is.

5. Extra Skills

There are a few other skills you can develop that can improve the quality of your dive.

Here are a few to work on:

  • Frog kicks: frog kicking is a more efficient and powerful way to swim
  • Mask clearing: sometimes, water gets in your mask, but you can learn to clear it without surfacing
  • Breath control: learning how to control your breathing helps manage underwater anxiety and makes your air intake more efficient

It’s never too late to learn more tips and tricks to make your dives safer and more enjoyable.

Your Scuba Diving Refresher

Learning something new or even being reminded of something you already know makes you a better scuba diver. These tips and tricks will help you be safe before you even get in the water. Make sure you go over these points with your dive buddy, too. Being on the same page is essential for a fun, safe dive. Did you like our scuba diving refresher? We’ve got lots more to teach youcontact us today!

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