4 Reasons to Get Your PADI Deep Diver Certification

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5 Jan 2020

4 Reasons to Get Your PADI Deep Diver Certification

Up to 3.5 million Americans go scuba diving each year.

Who can blame them?!

The stunning marine wildlife and unparalleled experience of exploring the ocean are hard to beat. But, just like your Christmas stocking, the best stuff is always at the bottom.

To experience it, you need to go deeper; to do that, you need your PADI deep diver certification.

Interested in getting your deep diver certificate? Read on for 4 primary reasons you won’t regret it.

1. Gain New Skills

Ultimately, getting your deep diver certification is about refreshing old knowledge, and mastering new underwater skills.

You further your diving capabilities by:

  1. Learning and practicing new techniques, and
  2. Working with new diving equipment to help you venture ever deeper.

Let’s face it, practice makes perfect and getting further training in anything is arguably worthwhile. In the diving world, pushing your skillset helps you become a more capable and experienced diver. In a dangerous environment that’s only ever positive.

You’ll gain greater insight into the craft, which will stand you in good stead in your diving journey.

Moreover, those new skills open the door to new underwater experiences. More on that next.

2. Enjoy New Opportunities

Every sport has thresholds of enjoyment.

Obviously, the more you do something, the better you get at it; what starts as fun and exciting can eventually become mundane.

Thankfully, diving is rarely dull. But there comes a time when you’ll want to experience new and more adventurous sides to it. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible without further training.

Novel underwater experiences are behind the locked door of a deep-diving qualification. Get the certification and you get the key to unlocking them.

3. Experience New Dive Sites and Marine Life

In practical terms, those opportunities look like new dive sites, wrecks, and marine life to enjoy!

Like we said in the intro, the deeper you go underwater, the more exciting things tend to get. Without this certification, you miss out on all the sites that sit deeper than you’re allowed to go.

It’s like watching someone eat a delicious cake and being unable to have any. Get the certification and you effectively grab yourself a slice of the action.

As you go, you’ll see incredible new species of marine life that don’t reside in shallower waters (like these ones!).

4. Benefit From a New Qualification

You could be a hugely experienced open water diver.

However, without the deep diver qualification, some dive centers will lump you with less experienced divers to explore beginner-level sites below your ‘pay grade’.

With it, you enjoy the advanced diver sites, and can also gain credits towards additional courses you might wish to do in the future, such as the Advanced Open Water Diver course.

Get this qualification and you climb another rung on the ladder to diving expertise.

Time to Get Your PADI Deep Diver Certification

Looking for new and more exciting diving opportunities?

As we’ve seen, the PADI deep diver certification opens the door to them.

Contact us today to learn how we can get you there.

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