The Best Places to Scuba Dive: How to Plan For Scuba Diving in NJ

best places to scuba dive
22 Sep 2022

The Best Places to Scuba Dive: How to Plan For Scuba Diving in NJ

Time for a deep dive! As many as four million Americans participate in scuba diving every year. This statistic includes thousands of New Jersey residents. Yet many people assume that a scuba diving trip in New Jersey would be boring or uncomfortable. That assumption is wrong. All you need to plan a great scuba diving adventure is the facts. What are the best places to scuba dive in the state?

How should you prepare for a trip? How would a diver stay safe in the water?

Answer these questions and you can start your life in scuba diving today. Here is your quick guide.

The Best Places to Scuba Dive in New Jersey

You can find scuba diving destinations all over New Jersey. But if you’re new to scuba diving, you can visit Sandy Hook in New York Harbor.

Sandy Hook is a thin peninsula surrounded by shallow water, making it a safe location to learn how to dive. Once you’ve learned the essentials, you can visit shipwrecks and look at natural wonders in the area.

After you’ve developed your skills, you can visit the Manasquan Wreck area. You can find many different ships in this area, and most of them are accessible as long as you have some experience in diving.

Planning a Trip

Never rush your scuba diving adventure. You should do your research on the area you are visiting and wait for good conditions. The sky should be clear, the temperature should be moderate, and you should have a good amount of natural light.

Make sure you pack the right diving gear. You should have a buoyancy control device, regulator, and wetsuit. You may want to bring a diving knife, dive light, and writing slates as well.

You should always go diving with a buddy. Talk about where you will go and work out a communication system so you can stay in contact with each other.

Staying Safe

Never go scuba diving if you are sick, tired, or injured. It is okay to accompany your friends on the boat, but you should not go beneath the water until you have fully recovered.

Never dive out of sight of your dive buddy. You should also never go into an area where you cannot see properly. It is okay to use a flashlight, but the light should be bright enough that you know where you are going.

Keep your eye on the weather. If you see storm clouds or notice a change in the air pressure or wind, you should wrap your dive up. Ascend slowly and take breaks every 15 feet for a few minutes so you avoid decompression sickness.

The Essentials of Diving in New Jersey

New Jersey diving can be a truly beautiful experience. The best places to scuba dive are in New Jersey, and you can visit Sandy Hook once you’ve got your gear.

Before any dive, you should plan your itinerary and get all of the equipment you need. You must go with at least one other person, if not an entire group. Someone should monitor the weather and stay on the surface in case someone gets into an emergency.

If you’re still confused about diving, you should take a few classes. Scuba Guru offers premium diving classes. Contact us today.