4 Eco Tips for Your Next Scuba Diving in NJ Trip

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24 Nov 2022

4 Eco Tips for Your Next Scuba Diving in NJ Trip

Scuba diving is a captivating experience that allows people to appreciate the ocean’s beauty at a deeper level. Few things can compare to seeing a paradise that sits underwater. However, the oceans are declining at an alarming rate. Scuba divers have a unique set of skills. With those skills comes a responsibility to be sustainable divers. New Jersey is home to 17 artificial reef sites as part of the Division of Fish and Wildlife program.

If you find yourself scuba diving in NJ, don’t forget these essential eco practices.

1. Be a Conscious and Sustainable Shopper

If it’s your first-time scuba diving in NJ, buying a fresh set of gear can be tempting. When doing so, look for ethical businesses that use sustainable materials. Do your research for eco-friendly companies that wish to put the planet first.

If you can, try and buy only what you need. It’s also best to avoid questionable shops that take marine life to turn into souvenirs.

It also helps to look for businesses that support sustainable marine tourism. New Jersey has plenty of marine-protected areas with shipwrecks and other archaeological sites.

2. Apply a Reef-Safe Sunscreen

No beach vacation is complete without sunscreen. However, did you know that some chemicals found in sunscreen can harm corals and marine life? Sunscreen can result in fertility issues in fishes and defects in corals and mussels.

Always look for reef-safe sunscreen. Alternatively, you can opt for UPF clothes or a rash guard to protect your skin from the sun.

3. Fight Invasive Species and Restore Coral

Non-native species can sometimes wash up on New Jersey beaches, and some of these can be harmful. Invasive plant species like water chestnut and the Eurasian water milfoil can clog up waterways. Be proactive on your dive and work with other divers to remove invasive species.

Lionfish are also destabilizing NJ’s local marine life. Some local resorts and restaurants will cook any invasive lionfish you find!

You can also look for diving communities that work to restore coral reefs. A coral restoration dive is a great way to give back while scuba diving in NJ.

4. Join a Clean-Up Dive Group

Awareness is a great start to protecting our oceans, but it means nothing without action. If you’re looking to make some impact on your dive, consider joining a clean-up dive group.

New Jersey is home to many great diving sites and beaches. However, because of the volume of tourists, trash and waste can get out of hand. Join other divers to collect ocean litter.

Eco Tips When Scuba Diving in NJ

Scuba diving is a great experience, but it’s hard to enjoy when you’re aware of issues harming marine life. You have more power as a scuba diver than you think! Don’t forget these eco tips when you plan on scuba diving in NJ.

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