PADI Dive Certification: 3 Reasons to Enroll in Scuba Diving NJ

PADI dive certification
20 Aug 2022

PADI Dive Certification: 3 Reasons to Enroll in Scuba Diving NJ

PADI has certified millions of divers in 189 countries since it started running in 1967. This makes PADI one of, if not the, most trusted open water diving certifiers worldwide. PADI does stand for the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, after all.

You could go almost anywhere to gain your PADI dive certification. You could dive into cenotes in Mexico or head to Koh Tao in Thailand. But if you’re based in New Jersey, you should book your scuba diving course there.

Yes, really. There are many benefits of PADI dive certification courses in NJ that you might not know about. Read on to discover exactly what those are so you can feel confident booking your PADI dive course closer to home!

1. High Safety Standards

Every PADI diving center needs to meet high standards of safety and quality. But if you gain your PADI dive certification in your home country and state, you can be sure exactly what those high standards are.

Good safety standards in New Jersey might mean something different in Honduras or a different state. This includes safe equipment, teaching materials, and water quality.

Plus, you can be sure that your diving teacher will have a native level of English. So you’re far less likely to misunderstand instructions and compromise your safety in the water. And when you’re doing a beginner scuba course, you want to feel as confident in the water as possible!

2. More Affordable

Many advanced divers say the best PADI dive certification course centers are in Central America or South East Asia. They think this because the PADI courses in these parts of the world can be cheaper than in the US.

But what they fail to mention is the expensive flights to these far-flung destinations. You’ll also need to book and pay for accommodation, transport, and board. And you will need to hire scuba diving gear too.

PADI courses can take one full week to achieve. Can you afford to take that time away from work? When you add it all up, it might be much more affordable to gain your certification closer to home in NJ!

3. Great Diving Spots

New Jersey has some amazing diving spots. You will not be missing out on awesome underwater scenery by booking a scuba diving course here.

Horseshoe Cove at Sandy Hook is one of the safest diving spots in the state. With a 20ft depth, it’s perfect for beginners and you can spot small wrecks and sometimes even seals.

There’s plenty in NJ for advanced divers too. New Jersey has tons of shipwrecks, like the R.P. Resor Oil Tanker and USN Algol Navy Transport Ship, to explore.

Book Your PADI Dive Certification in NJ Today

Achieving your advanced or beginner PADI dive certification in an exotic locale might seem appealing. But now you know there are lots of benefits to learning in New Jersey too!

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