Scuba Diving NJ: How To Properly Store and Maintain Scuba Diving Gear

scuba diving gear
20 Jul 2022

Scuba Diving NJ: How To Properly Store and Maintain Scuba Diving Gear

Did you know that the worldwide market for scuba diving gear is expected to reach a value of over $4.5 billion within the next several years?

If you’ve ever gone scuba diving before, then you’ll know how wonderful and addicting it is. That’s why it’s worth investing in a quality set of scuba diving gear. After spending so much on the gear, it’s crucial to treat it well so that it lasts as long as possible.

Are you wondering how to get your money’s worth? Keep reading to learn all about how to properly store and maintain your gear while scuba diving in NJ and experiencing the local diving.

Treat Your Gear With Care

When it comes to gear for scuba diving, the last thing you’d want to do is take off your mask after a dive and throw it to the ground. Even the most durable gear has a breaking point. This is why it’s important to treat the gear with a delicate hand.

Whether you’ve bought the best scuba diving gear or something cheaper, too much wear and tear can end up putting you in danger. For instance, a beaten-up mask can end up filling with water if it’s put under too much pressure.

When you’re finished using your gear, don’t forget to store it in a place that’s dry. The equipment should also stay out of direct sunlight.

Wash Your Gear

Any certified and reliable instructor will tell you how important it is to wash your scuba diving equipment after every diving session. While it’s not necessary to clean it with soap and water each time, you should use freshwater or even tapwater from a nearby faucet.

By using salt water to clean your gear, you’ll only be encouraging extra wear and tear. This is due to the salt’s erosion capabilities.

Dry Out Your Wetsuit

Simply put, your wetsuit shouldn’t stay wet for too long after you’ve gone diving. Not allowing it to fully dry can encourage mold growth and other issues. After spending so much money on good equipment for scuba diving, you shouldn’t have to buy a new wetsuit on a regular basis.

The best way to dry the wetsuit is by turning it inside out and hanging it up in the open air.

Are You Ready to Maintain Your Scuba Diving Gear?

Now that you’ve learned all about how to properly store and maintain your scuba diving gear, you can go on as many aquatic adventures as possible without skipping a beat. Don’t forget to share these tips and tricks with your friends so that everyone can enjoy their time in the water.

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