When Is the Best Time to Go Scuba Diving in New Jersey?

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20 Jul 2022

When Is the Best Time to Go Scuba Diving in New Jersey?

New Jersey is famous for many things. Great food, late-night entertainment, stunning beaches, and scuba diving!

Since the turn of the century, scuba diving has exploded into life. As of 2022, DEMA predicts that there could be up to 3.5 million active scuba divers in the US.

With so many reasons and benefits to scuba diving, it’s no surprise that the industry continues to grow. From peace and quiet to exploring new parts of the world, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

No matter when you scuba dive in New Jersey, you’ll have a great experience. But to get the most out of your adventure, read on to learn the best times to dive!

The Peak Season for Diving in New Jersey

The peak season for diving in New Jersey starts at the beginning of June. Daily high temperatures can reach up to 84°F during this time. The water is mild, with an average temperature of 63°F, but it can also drop to a chilly 58°F.

The peak season continues until October. August has the warmest water temperature as the sea has warmed up from the previous months. The average water temperature is a balmy 84°F.

Although it’s the most pleasant time for a dip, it’s also the busiest time of the year. Tours are likely to be sold out on the weekends, so it’s a good idea to book in advance.

The Shoulder Season for Diving in New Jersey

There are two shoulder seasons for diving in New Jersey.

The first season begins in March and finishes at the end of May. During this period, the 7mm wetsuit is the most popular choice for divers. The average water temperature is only 47°F, and the average wind speed is 18mph, so expect some waves.

October and November are the second shoulder season months of the year. The waters remain cool from the hot summer months, but the rainfalls begin to increase. On average, the area receives 237.5mm at this time.

The shoulder season is arguably the best time for New Jersey scuba diving classes. It’s still warm enough to use a wetsuit, but you avoid the large crowds. And it allows you to interact more with your instructors.

The Off-Season for Diving in New Jersey

The off-season in New Jersey is the least popular time for diving, and it’s for a good reason. It’s drysuit season!

Temperatures plummet, the wind picks up, and the waves are at their peak. The air temperature rarely rises above 42°F, and water temperatures are hardly ever above 38°F.

But, you almost have the sea to yourself in our classes and courses!

When Is the Best Time for You to Go Scuba Diving?

With its fascinating shipwrecks, sandy beaches, and warm waters, scuba diving in New Jersey is an unforgettable experience.

Since everyone is different, there isn’t one best time to go scuba diving in New Jersey. But with our short guide, you can decide what time of the year best suits you to take advantage of Northeast diving.

Once you know, check out our courses for your desired season!