The Best Local Spots for Scuba Diving in NJ

scuba diving in NJ
23 Jun 2022

The Best Local Spots for Scuba Diving in NJ

The 90 miles of white sand beaches at the New Jersey Shore generate $16 billion in revenue each year. And while much of the Shire is dedicated to boardwalks, family beaches, and great dining, scuba diving in NJ is a popular pastime.

Visitors to the shore can arrange for scuba diving lessons or go out on their own to many popular New Jersey scuba destinations.

Dive spots vary from out of the way with little Martin traffic to popular locations where specific attention to tides and boat traffic must be paid.

No matter your skill level, however, New Jersey scuba diving has a spot for you.

In the following article, we’ll discuss the best NJ scuba spots on the Shore and some basics for the underwater adventurer.

Manasquan Inlet

Easy to access in Point Pleasant is the Manasquan Inlet. Unfortunately, the inlet, like much of the Jersey Shore, has low visibility.

You can expect only about 10 feet. However, the ease of access and the variety of creatures you’ll see on your dive make up for the long sight lines.

Expect to see all sorts of crabs, eels, small sharks, and other fish on your 90-foot dive. However, you need to be careful of the boat traffic in the summer months. The inlet is a major thoroughfare for boats, and captains (often on vacation) are rushing to get where they are going.

If you have chartered a boat, there are several sights off the coast of Manasquan worth checking out.

A 387-foot passenger ship called the Mohawk sits roughly 8 miles off the inlet. The Navy blew the wreck apart after it sank in 1935 to limit its danger as a navigation hazard. However, the debris field offers great spearfishing and lobster hunting.

Closer to shore, about a mile out from the inlet, is the 2M buoy. This area is an excellent spot for scuba and snorkeling. It is not unusual to see sunfish, rubberfish, and other popular shore animals around this spot.

Long Branch Locomotives

Off the coast of Long Branch are a pair of 1850 train locomotives that offer some of the most spectacular historic diving on the Shore. The engines are submerged in 85 feet of water on a sandy bottom.

The locomotives are infested with anemones and blue muscles. Often, schools of black sea bass are on the prowl around the wreck. With about 15 feet of visibility, the site can be a bounty for divers.

However, the wreck has been safeguarded by federal regulations, so you are not allowed to anchor off the wrecks themselves.

Sea Girt Wreck

One of the nicer wrecks to dive is off Sea Girt. This 250-foot wooden wreck has a lot of machinery and chain to explore. The wreck sits at about 85 feet and is of an unnamed schooner barge.

Experts think the wreck dates back to the 1900s.

While poking around the schooner’s antique machinery, you will also encounter sea bass and blackfish.

Need Help Scuba Diving in NJ?

There are nearly 100 miles of coastline to explore on the Jersey Shore alone for scuba diving in NJ. This means that you may need an expert to help you get to a suitable spot or ensure you have the proper gear.

Also, there are several regulations that you need to follow while diving in the Garden State.

Are you ready to go on a dive? Contact us today to learn more and to plan your next adventure.