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Is Scuba Diving a Safe Sport?

Posted on14 Oct 2019
Every time you see a scuba diver on TV, you immediately wish you were in their shoes. However, now that you’ve signed up for scuba diving classes, you no longer have to wish for the opportunity to be a scuba...
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How Scuba Divers See Color Change Underwater

Posted on01 Jun 2019
Because water is roughly 800 times denser than air, it absorbs light extremely fast. This makes the struggle real for underwater photographers. Underwater colors appear duller and duller the deeper you go, with certain colors fading faster than others. Keep...
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10 Common Scuba Diving Hand Signals

Posted on04 Jun 2018
Communication is key. It’s a phrase that you will hear used over again in all walks of life. Yet, when it comes to scuba diving, there it is more certainly true. When you are under the water, knowing and understanding...
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Must-Have Scuba Diving Gear: A Guide

Posted on10 Feb 2018
Scuba diving is not as dangerous as some people seem to think. While there is some risk involved, having the proper scuba diving gear is important for safety purposes. Of course, materials can be rented, but the price can start...
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